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How to transfer pounds into kilograms



In the modern world, such a unit of measurement as the pound is associated, above all, with English-speaking countries - England, the United States. But it was not always so.

In its origin, the pound is not exclusively English.

The unit name is pronounced as"Pound" in Russian, in English it sounds somewhat different - pound. This name comes from the Latin word pondus, which means "weight" - a device for measuring weight, because in pounds, it is weight that is measured.

What pounds existed

In the Middle Ages the pound was used not only inEngland, but also in France, and in all other European countries, but it was not possible to call this unit of measurement generally accepted. It was an era of feudal fragmentation, each feudal lord established his own system in his possessions, which concerned the system of measures. There was no single standard, each county had its own pound.
This state of affairs persisted even in the New Times,Even by the beginning of the 18th century, there were about 100 different pounds in Europe. With respect to that time, transferring the pound to some other weight units, it would be better to ask first about which pound it is talking about: London, Carolingian or some other? For example, the Austrian pound was 0.56 kg, Spanish - 0.451 kg, Swedish - 0.425 kg, Amsterdam - 0.494, and the Venetian - 0.477. Today, such differences are important for the study of historical documents, and for people far from science - when reading historical novels. A pound may mean a different mass, depending on the country in which the action takes place.
There was even a Russian pound. More precisely, there were two such: the Russian pound of trade weight and the pharmacist pound. Pharmacy was 0.353232 kg, and a pound of trade weight - just over 0.5 kg.

English pound

In the modern world, speaking of the pound, have in mindUnit of measurement included in the English system of measures. This system is still used in the UK and the US along with the metric, although it is gradually being replaced by it.
The pound in this system is equal to 453.59237. For the convenience of counting, this number is usually rounded to 454 g or 0.454 kg. Thus, if the mass is given in pounds, you must multiply it by 0.445 - and you will gain weight in kilograms. Of course, equality will be approximate, but in everyday life the accuracy to a thousandths of a gram is not required. For example, 3 pounds will be approximately equal to 1 kg of 362 g.
If we talk about the ratio of the pound to otherUnits in the English system of measures, it is equivalent to 16 ounces and to 7000 grains. Accordingly, an ounce is approximately 28.35 grams, and a granule is about 64.8 mg.

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