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How to translate grams per tonne


How to translate grams per tonne</a>

The gram is one of the units of the SI system,Which is used to measure body weight or substance. Gram is not the only way to express mass, in addition to it are widely used milligrams, kilograms, tons, etc.

Accordingly, these units are fairly easy to translate into each other.

Translate grams into tons is not less simple.



To begin with, it is worth knowing that between gram (d) andTon (t) is even more common in everyday life unit of mass measurement - kilogram (kg). One kilogram contains 1000 grams, in turn in one ton</a> Contains 1000 kilograms. Applying the mathematical form of the record, you can write this:
1 kg = 1000 g
1 t = 1000 kg


Based on the above data, you can already make a translation of gram in tons:
1000 g * 1000 = 1,000,000 g. In other words, one ton contains one million grams.


To understand how the translation of grammes intoTons in practice, you can consider an example. 4 tons of flour was brought to the production of bakery products. Flour will be spent on the production of cakes, the weight of each of which is 200 g. How many cakes will the flour have enough?
It is necessary to translate the weight of four tons of flour into grams: 4 * 1000000 = 4,000,000 g
Now we must divide the resulting value by the weight of the cake: 4,000,000 g / 200 g = 20,000 cakes
Answer: Four tons of flour is enough to produce twenty thousand cakes.

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