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HOW transferred holidays

As the holidays are transferred

Uncommon situation where the company's management wishes to move a day of rest for another time.

According to the labor law, this right is not granted to employers, but there are some legal methods to perform the desired procedure.

You will need

  • - Ordered the establishment of the output day-
  • - Statement by the employee for the provision of a one-day holiday.



Take the first legal way: issued an order declaring the output of the desired day. According to the letter N 5202-6-0 Rostrud from 19.12.2007 to realize it can be composed by in any form of local regulation. In this case, the output will be payable, and employee interests are not infringed. However, such a transfer is defective and only represents a supplementary output issued by legitimate.


Involve employees to work in one of theweekend and give it to them for a day off on a week day. In this situation it is important to consider some features of law. According to the third part of Article 153 of the Labour Code the employer may provide the employee with off-hour day of rest only in the case if the employee actually worked a full day. You can move the day forward. Also, the involvement of a holiday in the absence of any exceptional circumstances can be carried out only after obtaining the written consent of the employee and trade union body (if it is available on the company). Also, such a consent is required for the provision of an additional day of rest instead of the double payment of overtime worked.


Ask the employee to write a statement onproviding a one-day leave without pay. In the future, you can compensate for the loss in earnings premium, since the law allows bonuses for any reason. You can also declare one of the working days of paid holidays, like the first method. This option has only one flaw: the application to "time off" without the content of the employee is entitled to make out only by personal consent, and insist on it does not. Any such order by the authorities will be considered a gross violation of labor legislation.

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