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How to transfer to tone mode

To switch the phone to tone mode, press *

When communicating with friends or relatives notyou need to take care of the phone mode, but if you call customer support, then most likely, the operator's voice on the answering machine will ask you to switch your phone to tone mode.

Then it will be possible with the help of figures to give the team an answering machine.

You will need

  • phone, the phone guide



All in all landline phones have two modesCompany: pulse and tone. In Russia landlines using pulse mode by default, and pay phones and mobile devices - tone. First of all, it is necessary to find out the phone may already running in the tone mode. Suddenly the telephone exchange tone suggests it is the default mode of operation. To determine this, try to dial any number. In pulse mode when dialing the telephone you can hear the clicks, and the tone - the phone will emit a short tone signals.


Almost all modern phones are changing mode ifsimply press the star - the button that says *. If you press this button, but the mode is not changed, look to see if the body of the phone buttons P and T. The P means the pulse mode, and T - tone. Translate your phone in tone mode by pressing button T. If these buttons are not, it will have to find the instructions as phone model has a very special way to switch between modes.

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