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Transfer to property tax

Transfer to property tax

Every year, real estate and other property ownersofficially privatized property must pay a tax to the property in accordance with the parameters in the resulting from the tax office receipts.

The procedure for payment of the tax is governed by Russian law.



Explore article 383 of the Tax Code of the RussianFederation, which shows the order and terms of payment of property tax. Note that they may vary depending on a particular RF subject. By law, the advance payments are transferred to the tax authorities at the location of the property during the tax period, and the remaining part of the tax paid at the end of the relevant period.


Check out the details for the payment of the tax,specified in the receipt. If you do not receive a receipt, or want to transfer the payment period can be preset to apply to the tax office at the place of residence and ask for current rates. After receiving the document, list the funds for the specified checking account. This can be done, for example, the Savings Bank and other banking institutions, as well as through online banking and electronic payment systems.


When transferring the property tax laterdeadlines, in accordance with Article 75 of the Tax Code, the owner will be charged a penny at the established rate, which is also payable. Each year, the tax inspectorate inspects of payments and in case of discrepancies, such as partial payment of tax receipts or ignored by the owner against him could be instituted administrative or criminal proceedings.


By making the payment of property tax, paynote whether the division of a single balance, whether it contains plant and equipment, as well as the region in which is registered on the balance of property division. If a separate division has its own balance with the presence on it of fixed assets, property tax should be transferred to the budget (the tax office) region, which contains this unit.

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