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Transfer to legal costs

Transfer to legal costs

Stamp duty is taken by the state to the citizens of the various procedures for obtaining payment of legal services.

The receipt for funds is usually one of the necessary documents for submission to those or other structures, which is why it is important not to be mistaken with the details and list the correct stamp duty.



Find out the size required to pay the state duty,which depends on the type of service received. You can do this by contacting the worker service that will provide you the necessary services, such as a passport, or alimentary filing application to the court, etc. If you do not know the address to which you should pay, visit the site of this structure in the Internet or the relevant Russian legislation. Also, the amount of duty you can prompt the institution chosen to pay for the work.


Visit your local branch of the Savings Bank orRussian Post to pay the state fee. The transfer of money is carried out personally by the structure of employees or the payment terminal (ATM). To pay will be easier if you have a card or Savings Bank of the Russian Post. Just insert it into one of the terminals, and set the appropriate state tax payment services. Some terminals accept cash without the use of bank cards. In this case, you must know the exact amount of the registration fee and the details of the recipient.


If you make a payment through the mail staffor a bank, bring your passport and a sheet of paper with details marked on it to pay a registration fee. At the post office at the same time you will be given a special form, which the staff will be used in the future for the translation procedure resources.


Use the official site for the payment of the Federal Tax Serviceregistration fee, without having to visit a bank branch or post. You will need a passport details, account details and credit card number. In addition, if you are a customer of one of the online banking, select it in the service of the state duty payment. The funds will be debited from your personal account. Print a receipt of payment be sure to save as a confirmation of the operation.

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