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How to transfer the phone book


How to transfer the phone book</a>

Mobile phones do not accidentally have a warranty period. They are constantly in our hands, and, being very fragile articles, when falling, they have the property of breaking down.

The phone book of most of us is clearly more than the number of cells on the SIM card designed for this.

That's why you should systematically copy the phone book to the computer in case of a broken cell phone.



First of all, check the phone kitFor the presence of usb wires and a disk with drivers. In case it is not available, buy a wire that is suitable for your phone, as well as download programs and drivers for synchronization with your computer. Install the driver, then connect the phone to the computer using the usb wire. Remember that depending on the phone model you may need different drivers. In case the connection is unsuccessful, repeat it from the very beginning or download the driver from another source.


When you connect the phone to a computer, make sure thatThe software "sees" it. Use the software to work with the phone in order to dispose of the archive of messages and the telephone The book on the phone. Then use the software to copy the telephone The book On the computer by uploading it to a file.


After you save the phone The book On your computer, you can transfer it to anyphone. To do this, you will need to install the necessary drivers and software in the same way as in the first step, after which you can transfer the telephone The book In the phone memory.

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