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How to transfer photos from your phone to your PC

How to transfer photos from your phone to your PC

Many phones, in addition to making phone calls, and used for photographing.

But to view the photo on the mobile phone, as well as carry out other operations with them, not so convenient.

Therefore, the question of how to transfer photos from your phone to your computer sooner or later arises.



Use usb-cable to connect your phone toPC. After connecting the typical wait for the sound system, which notifies a computer connection of the new device. Wait until the system will detect the connected device and will install the required drivers. Then you can work with the phone's memory as a regular memory stick.


Open the folder using Windows Explorer connectedphone. Locate the directory where you placed the photos you want to copy to your computer. Select it, click on it, right click and select "Copy." After that, open the Explorer folder on your computer to which you want to place the photos. Once again, right-click and select "Paste". Wait until the photograph will be passed. In addition to the standard, you can also use any other file manager.


Also to transfer photos from your phone tothe computer can use the official application that allows you to synchronize your phone with your PC. Typically, the disc with the program included in the mobile phone set. After connecting the phone to a computer, run this app. Select the file manager, with its help mark the photos you want and copy them to the folder on your computer.


If you do not have cable to connect your phone toPC, use an infrared or Bluetooth adapter. Connect it to your computer. Then select the photos you want on your phone, click "Options» - & gt- «Send» and indicate on what channel you will pass them: infrared or Bluetooth. In the Device list, select the computer, and start the transfer process. Wait until all files have been transferred.


If the photos are on the memory cardphone, remove it. Then plug in the computer's card reader, open with conductor memory card folder, locate the photos you want and copy them.

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