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How to transfer photos from phone to computer


How to transfer photos from phone to computer</a>

Many phones, in addition to making calls, and used for photography.

But to view photos on your mobile phone, as well as to carry out other operations with them, is not so convenient.

Therefore sooner or later the question arises as to how to transfer photos from the phone to the computer.



Use the usb-cord to connect the phone to thePC. After connecting, wait for the characteristic sound of the system, which notifies you when a new device is connected to the computer. Wait until the system determines the type of the connected device and the required drivers are installed. After that you can work with the memory of the phone, as with a regular flash drive.


Open the explorer folderPhone. Find the directory where the photos are located, which you need to write to the computer. Select them, right-click on them and select the line "Copy". After that, open the folder of the computer in which you want to place the photos in the explorer. Right click again and select "Paste". Wait until the photos are transmitted. In addition to the standard Explorer, you can also use any other file manager.


Also for transferring photos from the phone to theComputer can use the official application that allows you to synchronize your phone with a PC. As a rule, the disc with this program is included in the mobile phone. After connecting the phone to the computer, run this application. Select the file manager, use it to mark the necessary photos and copy them to the computer folder.


If you do not have a cord to connect your phone toComputer, use an infrared or Bluetooth adapter. Connect it to the computer. After that, select the photos you want in the phone, press "Options" - & gt- "Transfer" and specify which channel you will transfer to: infrared or Bluetooth. In the device list, select the computer and start the transfer process. Wait until all files have been transferred.


If the pictures are on the memory cardPhone, remove it. Then insert it into the card reader of the computer, open the folder of the memory card using the explorer, find the necessary photos and copy them.

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