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How to transfer money to the card

How to transfer money to the card

How to transfer money to the card via ATMs and bank offices?

What do I need?

In this tutorial, we will talk more about this.

You will need

  • ATM, bank card, your account number and bank details.



Recharge cards using ATMs
In order to transfer money to the cardusing the ATM, you need to know the pin code card itself as well as your account number. In practice, everything looks quite simple. After entering the PIN code, you will find yourself in a private office. Here you need to select the menu item? Write funds ?. Which opened an option prompt you to select the account number of the ones that are attached to the map. After you select the desired account, insert banknotes in terminal. The system automatically considers the means you made after confirmation of payment you will their admission to the account of your card.


Recharge card using bank funds. To deposit funds via bank branches and post offices, you need to come to one of the points of payment are available in your town. Provide the operator to cash all the necessary information regarding the recipient of funds. You will need to give the name, surname, patronymic name of the recipient, the number of his personal bank account, to which there is a binding map, and details of the beneficiary's bank? correspondent account, BIC, VAT and direct, full name of the bank.


Thus, using one of thethe above methods, you can easily add funds to your bank card. As for the deposit on a credit card, all operations are absolutely identical.

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