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How to transfer money to the card

Money transfer to a bank card

In recent years, the popularity of bank transfers increased significantly? a growing number of people enjoy modern facilities of banks in their daily life.

The transfer of money on credit cards continues to be the most popular service.

You will need

  • Plastic card, bank account information, to which it is bound.



A visit to the office of the bank. The most popular method is by bank card. It is popular mainly for its simplicity. Just visit your bank's office and ask for help to any manager. When you transfer money to a bank card, you can simply provide your bank account number. If you do not know the account number, the bank employee simply introduce yourself, give your name, surname and patronymic? all the rest will do the specialist. Once the funds will be transferred to a bank employee, save the payment receipt to the moment when they are received by your credit card.


Transfer via ATM. Such an operation, you can perform at any ATM, comprising receiving banknotes. To do this, insert the card into the ATM updated daily, enter the PIN, and then follow the prompts to electronic service, deposit money into the account. Typically, payments come immediately, but it is also recommended to keep the receipt until receipt of the money.


Transfer of funds through cash and mail Russia. By choosing this method, you need to have the following documents and information: passport, BIC bank and its correspondent account, as well as the full name of the bank and the number of your personal account. Transfers to this method can take up to 72 hours, so we recommend you to keep a receipt of payment.

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