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How to transfer money to Canada

How to transfer money to Canada

In the nineties a large number of Russiansemigrated to various non-CIS states. One of the most popular areas of migration has become Canada because of its policies to attract foreign experts.

However, immigrants often retain strong ties with Russia, and to stay at home with friends or relatives may be necessary to send them money.

How to do it?

You will need

  • - Money for otpravki-
  • - passport-
  • - Name, surname, place of residence adresata-
  • - Details of his bank account.



Discover the coordinates of the person youwant to send money - his full name is correctly written in Latin letters in the Canadian documents, the town in which he lives and, if possible, the number of his bank account.


If the account number you do not know or need tosend money urgently, use the money transfer system "Western Union". Find a branch of the organization in your city or bank branch, which carries out such transfers. This can be done by a special yellow sticker with the words "Western Union. Remittances "on the bank's door.


Fill out a receipt for sending the translation "WesternUnion ". Specify the name and city of the person to whom you are sending money. Give this form to the employee of the bank with the amount to send, transfer fee and a passport. In return you will be given a check and the paper on which will be indicated the number of transfer. This number you have to inform the recipient that he is with him, and identity document, has come to its office money transfer service and received the deposited amount. Typically, it can take a few hours.


If your recipient has a bank account,You can transfer the money to him. For that you must either open an account in any financial institution, or to find a bank that makes transfers abroad without opening an account. A simpler option - first. In this case, come to the branch of your bank, refer to the processing operator and fill them issued a payment receipt. Enter the last name and the name of the account holder, to which you are sending the money, address, bank name, SWIFT code and account number. This information your recipient can get in their bank branch and tell you.


If necessary, top up their account through the cashier. Do not forget that you will be charged another and transfer commission. After that, your recipient will be able to get their money in the Bank of Canada in 3-5 business days.

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