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How to transfer money to another city in the savings bank

How to transfer money to another city in the savings bank

Nowadays, to transfer money to another city in the "Savings Bank" (or any other bank) is not working.

Branches are located at every step, for the minimum transaction fee, and the money does not reach for the week, and for a few hours.

In some cases, in order to make a transfer of funds, you do not even need to leave the house.



Money transfer perevodChtoby money in another city in savings bankContact the nearest bank branch. Present processing operator identification document (passport). What are the details of the recipient (bank name, INN, KPP, checking account, personal account, and so on). Select the method of transfer: without opening an account (cash) or from your deposit account. Make money, take a document confirming the transaction. For translation services, banks charge a commission. The amount of commission may be different in different banks, verify this information from employees. Translation is carried out within a few days, it can be issued to the recipient cash or credited to his account in savings banke.


Blitz-perevodDlya departure Blitz-translation please contact any branch savings bankand having a passport. Name the surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, as well as series and number of his passport. Make money, take a document confirming the transfer and containing the identification number (code). Contact the recipient and call the code that it will need to inform on receipt of money in his city at any branch savings banka. Transfer speed is one hour, the commission depends on the transfer amount, the maximum amount of transfer per day is five hundred thousand rubles.


Translation kartuObratites at a bank branch,Present the customer support department of the bank card service identification document (passport), inform the card number to which the funds are to be assessed. Make the required amount, take the check. for the transfer of funds to the card without commission, on average, the rate of transfer of funds - 24 hours.


Internet bankingOsuschestvit transfer from one plastic card savings bankand on another card (or the beneficiary's account), you can manually via the self-service device, or from a personal account on the site savings bankand if you have activated the service "savings bank SHC @ dh ". Choose "Transfer to the card" ( "Transfer to account"), enter the card number, which should occur debit. Enter your card number, which will be credited money, Enter the amount to confirm the operation.

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