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How to transfer money to Yandex wallet



To date, many users alreadyInternet had time to appreciate all the advantages of Yandex money. They are convenient to pay for purchases in online stores that support this payment system.

At the same time, many users are faced with the problem of transferring money to the Yandex wallet.

In this article I will tell you how to solve this problem.

There are many ways to replenish YandexPurse. One of the simplest is the replenishment through a Visa or MasterCard bank card. The maximum amount for a one-time transfer is 15,000 rubles. Deposit can be made from your account in Yandex money. When transferring, you must specify the card number, its validity period, the owner's name and the CVV code indicated on the back of the card. The downside of this method is that a commission of 49 rubles is charged for each transfer.
For account holders in Alfa-Bank and bank"Opening" there are special conditions for transferring money to Yandex wallet. No commission is charged from them. However, reverse operations for transferring funds from Yandex to a bank account are subject to a three-percent commission.
It is very convenient to replenish your electronic walletThrough Sberbank's ATMs. And plastic cards of any banks are accepted for payment. The maximum daily limit for this method is 10,000 rubles. No commission is charged.
If you are a client of a large bank and youThere is a personal office in his Internet bank, then you can replenish Yandex wallet directly from there. Terms of transfer are different, therefore the amount of commission and the term of enrollment must be learned separately from the representatives of the bank whose client you are. In most cases, the commission with this transfer is 0%, and the funds are credited instantly.
You can add money to your wallet in cash, for exampleThrough the payment terminal. The size of the commission can vary greatly depending on the owner of the terminal and ranges from 0 to 10%. The term of transfer of funds can also be different, from a few minutes to a day.
Among other things, transfer money to YandexA purse can be in the sales offices of the partners of the payment system, which are: Euroset, Messenger, DIXIS, MTS, Alt Telecom, Banzai, etc. The size of the commission and the term of the transfer is best determined directly at the sales office.
You can also transfer money throughA banking department or a translation system, such as Unistream, CONTACT or even the Post of Russia. In addition, you can transfer money from the WebMoney purse. However, these methods are less popular because they involve some difficulties. For example, in order to transfer funds from Yandex to WebMoney and back, you need to have identification in the first payment system and a confirmed certificate in the second.
As you can see, how to transfer money to YandexA purse exists very much, therefore everyone can choose for itself the most convenient variant. In addition, this payment system is constantly developing and expanding the partner network, so you should expect that replenishment of the wallet will become more simple and convenient.

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