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How to transfer money from Sberbank card maestro on kiwi

How to transfer money from Sberbank card maestro on kiwi

"Sberbank of Russia" - one of the largest banks in Europe.

Qiwi - popular electronic payment system in Russia.

Often, users are faced with the task of transferring money from the "Savings Bank" card on qiwi purse.

Standard translation

"Savings Bank" became the first Russian bank to offer its extensive network of ATMs to replenish qiwi-wallets. Bank commission for money transfers is 2.5%.
For payment you need to insert the card into the ATM"Savings Bank", enter the PIN code and select the menu item "Payments for services." The operator section, select «Qiwi-purse" and fill up your email account in the required amount. Save the check - in the case of translation errors the bank will return the money to you, if you save the billing document.

Savings interest

Save interests will help plastic cardQiwi. Contents Visa Qiwi Wallet is completely free on the official website of the payment system. Translation from card "Savings" on the Visa Qiwi Wallet card can be done in any ATM "Savings Bank", office of the bank, and with the use of online banking - the service "Mobile Banking". Commission when translating from one card to another is only 0.75%.

Transfers abroad

Remittances from the "Savings Bank" bank cardon qiwi-purse can and abroad. To transfer through the service "Sberbank Online" you need to login in the system, select the "Payments and Transfers", "payment by the Issuer of other countries."
Next you need to select from a drop-down list"Electronic payment systems», Qiwi. Enter the purse number, name and surname of the transfer destination, a number of their passport data. Specify the amount of transfer in euros / dollars (conversion to the ruble accounts occur automatically). To confirm, you will need to enter a verification code also (coming to mobile).

Back on the map

Electronic money is convenient for IT-Commerce,calculations with remote service providers on the Internet. Often, however, the problem arises of withdrawal of funds earned from the Internet or introduced earlier, on a plastic card "Savings". To convert from a purse at stake to be logged in Qiwi control panel, select the "Withdrawal", "bank card", "Sberbank". In addition to the card number will also need to specify the destination BIC (bank identifier correspondent), his first and last name.

It's a question of time

Money transfer with the "Savings Bank" card on the walletQiwi (and vice versa) can take a long time. Upon transfer from the card to the wallet may require 3 days. The conclusion of money from the Internet to the bank card can last until the end of the calendar month. Question time is for many users to define - as many expect from two popular systems reliable banking Instant transactions. Temporary alternative is online banking "Alfa-Bank" - translations of electronic payment systems it is processed within a day.

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