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How to transfer bonuses to money


How to transfer bonuses to money</a>

All subscribers of the Life network have a bonus and main payment account.

On the bonus account in automatic mode, all received bonuses are credited.

One bonus is equal to one UAH, it can be obtained from the funds contributed by the subscriber.

Use the received bonuses as usual money in the account, that is, they pay for calls within the network, international calls and calls to the numbers of other operators.



First of all, communication services are paid withThe main payment account, that is, the funds that were contributed by the user are written off. After the main account ends with cash, Bonuses Automatically translated into money and beginUsed. Terms of customer service does not affect the period of use of bonuses, the user must spend them within a month from the time they are credited to the account. All Bonuses, Which were not written off within a month, are canceled at the end of the term.


Even if there is a subscriber's bonus accountOnly 1 bonus, he has the right to get the service, according to the tariff plan, for the amount of 1 hryvnia. In this case, services or goods provided to the user with bonuses are paid only from the main account.


The operator can suspend bonuses, their cancellation and cancellation without the consent of the user unilaterally in case of violation by the client of the current legislation.


Cash transferred to the bonus accountSubscriber using the "Balance transfer" program, can also be used in accordance with the terms of the contract. To transfer funds, you need to send a text message perevod, specifying the space for the mobile phone number in the national format and the amount of the transfer. The message is sent to number 124. After that, the operator will ask you to confirm the balance transfer using a text message.


In addition, not having bonuses and money forMobile phone account, you can make a request to transfer funds to another subscriber absolutely free of charge. To do this, send a text message to number 124 with the word sos. After the spacebar, enter the number of the person to whom the request is sent in the national format. This number will be instantly delivered with a request. But such requests the user can not do more than three per day.


The operator recommends all codes, as well as templates of messages with requests for transfer of balance to be stored in the phone in case of an emergency.

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