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How to transfer money bonuses

How to transfer money bonuses

All Life Network subscribers have the bonus and the basic payment account.

On the bonus account all received bonuses are awarded automatically.

One point is equal to one hryvnia, you can get it at the expense of funds made by the subscriber.

Use power-ups can be obtained as conventional money held in the account, that is to pay for them on-net calls, international calls and calls to other operators.



Primarily paid communication services withbasic payment account that is debited the funds that have been made by the user. Once the end on the main account funds bonuses automatically translated into money and startused. customer service conditions do not affect the term of use of bonuses, the user has to spend for a month from the date of accrual of the account. All bonusesThat have not been written off within a month, will be void at the end of the period.


Even if the bonus account subscriber hasOnly 1 bonus, he has the right to receive the service, according to the tariff plan in the amount of 1 hryvnia. At the same services or products provided by the user using the bonuses are paid only from the main account.


The operator may suspend the calculation of bonuses, cancellation and cancellation without user consent unilaterally in case the customer breaking the law.


The funds transferred to the bonus accountsubscriber using the program "Balance Transfer", can also be used in accordance with the terms of the contract. To transfer funds, send a text message perevod, entering through the gap cell phone number in national format and the amount of the transfer. The message is sent to the number 124. The operator will ask to confirm the balance transfer via text message.


In addition, without bonuses, and cash onmobile phone account, you can make a request to transfer funds to another party for free. To do so, send a text message to the number 124 with the word sos. After a space and the number of the person who sent the request to the national format. This number will be instantly delivered the message with the request. But such requests, the user can not do more than three a day.


The operator recommends that all codes and message templates with requests to transfer a balance to keep the phone in case of emergency.

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