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How to transfer from garden to garden


How to transfer from garden to garden</a>

Fruit trees and shrubs can be transported from the garden to the garden. The main thing is to do it carefully, then your plants will remain intact and safe.

Do transport better early in the spring or late autumn, when the ground is not yet covered in snow and not frozen.

Plants will perfectly get accustomed if you do everything right and do not hurry.

Of course, a three-meter apple tree will not be able to be transported, but that is smaller in size - you can.



Prepare in the new area of ​​the wells under the plants,They must be large, so that the entire root system enters into them. Focus on the age of plants, experienced summer residents can tell you what depth should be at the hole. If you do not have anyone to consult, then pits under the bushes are approximately 40 cm deep and 40-60 cm wide, in extreme cases, you can add more land. For trees, the depth should be slightly larger.


Lay the sawdust, sand on the bottom of the prepared wellsOr humus. But manure is not worth adding, in the period of rooting in a new place the seedlings can burn, this also applies to adult plants. Do not forget to spill them thoroughly with water immediately before transport.


Dig out the plants, try not to damage the roots. Then wrap them in cellophane or in old blankets, put them, and put them in a horizontal position and take them to the garden. For transport, a large car, preferably a freight car, is suitable.


Put trees and shrubs in newWells and sprinkle on top of the earth. Again, well pour water and leave them alone, they should settle down. In the first year after the change of residence, do not cut the branches and do not form the crown, the plants are now and so hard. And for the second year after the transplant, bring them in order.

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