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How to transfer from the garden to the garden

How to transfer from the garden to the garden

Fruit trees and shrubs can be transported out of the garden in the garden. The main thing to do it carefully, then your plants will remain intact.

Make transportation better in early spring or late fall, when the ground is not yet covered with snow and frozen.

Plants take root very well, if you do it correctly and without haste.

Of course, the three-meter apple does not turn out to carry, but the smaller size - it is possible.



Prepare the new site wells at the plant,they must be large to the entire root system is included in them. Focus on plant about the age, experienced gardeners can you tell what depth should be in the hole. If you do not consult with anyone, do pits under the bushes about 40 cm deep and 40-60 cm wide, in extreme cases, can add a little ground. For trees, the depth should be slightly larger.


At the bottom of the prepared hole lay sawdust, sandor humus. But manure is not necessary to add, during the rooting in a new place can burn plants, this also applies to adult plants. Be sure to thoroughly shed with water immediately prior to the day of transportation.


Dig plants, be careful not to damage the roots. Then wrap them in cellophane, or in the old bedspreads, place, or better put in a horizontal position and take your garden. big machine is suitable for transportation, preferably cargo.


Exactly put trees and shrubs in the newwell and sprinkle on top of the ground. Again well spill the water and can leave them alone, they need to settle down. In the first year after the change of residence does not cut the branches and not configure the crown, and the plants are now so hard. And in the second year after transplanting bring them into order.

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