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How to transfer degrees in minutes

Geographical angular coordinates

In minutes and seconds, usually measured geographical or celestial coordinates.

Less commonly, these units are used in mathematics, physics and applied fields in the solution of various problems, both theoretical and applied.

Here, as the increasing use of flat angle units are degrees of whole or fractional.

How to translate the minutes and seconds to degrees we now find out.



Everything is very simple: 1 degree is divided into 60 shares, which are called "minutes". And every minute, in turn, contains 60 "seconds." As you can see, there is a complete analogy with the minutes and seconds, which for us has always been more concerned with the measurement of time than the angles and coordinates. So convenient dimension uniformity we have to inhabitants of Babylon, from which the legacy of modern civilization have got all these hours, minutes and seconds. The Babylonians used a sexagesimal number system.
Of course, other than minutes and seconds and has a smaller proportion ofdegrees. Unfortunately, there is the ancient simplicity ends and begins the modern bureaucracy. It would be logical and the second divided into 60 shares, or at least familiar to the millisecond, microsecond, etc. But in the SI system, and is not recommended to do so in their native guests, so fractions of a degree, the smaller arc second, it should be recalculated in radians. Fortunately, measuring such small angles may only need enough people prepared. And you and I can meet more simple tasks.


So that the angle specified in the format(Degrees minutes seconds) converted to decimal degrees, to be the number of whole degrees add the number of minutes divided by 60 and the number of seconds divided by 3600. For example, the geographical coordinates of a remarkable place in the city of Krasnodar - 45 ° 2 '32 'north latitude and 38 ° 58' 50 "east longitude. If it is counted in the usual degrees, you get a 45 ° + 2/60 + 32/3600 = 45.0421 ° N and 38 + 58/60 + 50/3600 = 38.9806 East.


It's easy to do in the calculator, but you canand take advantage of online resources. The Internet offers easy mouse movement to translate seconds into degrees, radians, revolutions, but at least in a mile, if there is a desire! Here are some links to on-line converters of angular coordinates:

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