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How to transfer bonus points to other Megafon

How to transfer bonus points to Megafon

Sami bonus points in "MegaFon" is not subject to transfer.

But you can spend it on the acquisition of compensation is not himself, but the other party.

So you do not give him points, but the fact that they have acquired.



Choose rewards catalog online"Megaphone". The list is presented in a table consisting of three columns. In the first - the name and description of the gift, in the second - the price in bonuses, in the third - his three-digit code. If you are in roaming, do not use the mobile internet to view the catalog and open Wi-Fi. In classic mobile phone exit any menu on the main screen, and the touch - enter the mode dial. Enter the command * 100 * 2 # and press the Call button. You will learn how you bonuses. If it is less than the cost of your chosen reward, will have to choose for another donation.


Again, if you touch the phone, go to the Modedialing, and if the button - exit all menus. Dial * 115 #, then the ten-digit phone number in the format, that is, without the numbers 8 and 7 digits. The Call button until the press, because USSD-command has not been fully recruited. Again, press the # key, then enter the reward code, then the bars again. It will look like this: * # 115 # 111 # 9261234567, 9261234567 which must be replaced on the number of the person addressed a gift, and 111 - to the remuneration of the code that you want to give him. Now, when typed and checked for errors whole team, press the Call button. Soon you will get an SMS-confirmation of the fact that the gift presented to the recipient.


Instead of USSD-command can be used todonation reward an SMS-message. This method is for use in roaming is not necessary, because USSD-commands are free of charge (charged can only be ordered with the help of their services) and SMS-messages are paid out of the home area for long distance or international rates. Message compose as follows: the three-digit code of the remuneration, then a space, then the number of the destination subscriber in the same format as in the previous case, that is, without the numbers 8 and 7 digits. For example: 111 9261234567 (here 111 should be replaced by code, 9261234567 - per room).


Typing a message, send it to number 5010. As in the previous case, wait for a reply SMS that the operation completed successfully. No matter which of the two methods gave you a reward, again check the amount of bonus points at the command * 100 * 2 # - it must be reduced by the value of donated reward.

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