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How to tame a cat sharpening claws

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The appearance of a cat in the apartment owners to bring, among other things, and some inconvenience. From the cat's claws walls suffer, furniture, wooden coverings.

But banning cats sharpen their claws is not possible. It is in them at the genetic level.

For your peace of mind it would be better to help their pets.



Cats from infancy to be tamesharpen claws in a certain place. The universal destination considered leg dining table. Should wrap it with a cleaning cloth (available at pet stores) or a carpet. Learn how to use this "kogtedralkoy" kitten can throw at it a little valerian or attached to a favorite toy. For the correct behavior of a kitten should be encouraged to caress or goodies.


Another option is suitable if your cat is already usedsharpen claws on wallpaper or door jambs. Place a meter from the floor a piece of carpet or a piece of wood. You can start up the carved wooden panels around the perimeter of the entire room.


You can upholster old carpet any board and find place it in a special place at an angle, or simply put on the floor, depending on how you will be more convenient to sharpen your cat's claws.

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