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How to train a press


How to train a press</a>

For a flat, tight belly, a strong press is simply necessary, otherwise, even with complete absence of fat, the weakened muscles will hang ugly and create the impression of a fat fold.

But in order for the abdominal muscles to always be in good tonus, it is necessary to regularly and correctly train the press.



When training for the abdominal area, it must be remembered that our press - a rather complex structure and includesA large rectus abdominis muscle, internal and external oblique muscles, and transverse muscles. In order for training to bring good results, each of these groups should be worked out separately. Therefore, the most effective variant of training could be lessons with a personal trainer, able to make an optimal individual program and check the correctness of the exercises.


However, for such individual lessons most often there is no possibility, so you have to create training programs yourself. For successful training of the abdominal pressAnd do not even have to go to the gym, you can do it at home. It is important only to observe regularity and adhere to a clear schedule.


The most optimal mode of study isTraining three to four times a week, held every other day for 40-50 minutes. It is important to remember that there will be no gain in excess of employment, and breaks between training are necessary so that the muscles can recover. The same principle applies to the number of exercises and approaches - it does not mean better. Do not do more than 20 repetitions per approach and more than 3-4 approaches to one exercise.


Variants of exercises for press There are a great many, but all of them somehow come down to three main groups: exercises for working out the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle (upper press), The lower part of the rectus muscle (lower press) And exercises for the study of oblique abdominal muscles. To study the upper pressAnd fit all exercises associated with lifting the upper body from the position of lying on the floor or gymnastic bench, for the lower pressBut there will be effective lifting of the legs at different heights inLying position or pulling the knees to the chest when hanging on a Swedish wall or a gymnastic crossbar. All lifts of the body with twisting are trained by oblique abdominal muscles, both external and internal. What exercises are right for you, you need to decide individually, depending on the overall level of fitness of the body and health. The main thing to remember is that the exercises should work out all the departments of the abdominal pressBut also be diverse, so that the muscles do not get used to the same type of load.


If you intend to get really niceBelly and thin waist, after each session the rectus abdominis muscle should be gently stretched. Otherwise, insufficient stretching of this muscle can lead to thickening and thickening of the lateral walls of the abdomen. As a stretcher, various back deflections or a gymnastic "bridge" are perfect. These exercises are important to perform smoothly and without excessive tension, so as not to damage the spine.

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