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How to train the press

How to train the press

For a flat toned stomach just needs a strong press, or even the complete absence of fat weakened muscles will ugly sag and create the impression of the fat folds.

But in order for the abdominal muscles are always in a good tone, you need to train the press regularly and correctly.



Getting training on the abdomen, you must remember that our press - A rather complex structure and includesmost direct abdominal muscle, internal and external obliques and transverse muscles. In order to exercise yielded a good result, each of these groups should be worked separately. Therefore, the most effective option exercise could be training with a personal trainer, able to create the optimal individual program and verify the correctness of the exercises.


However, these individual sessions often not possible, so you have to create your own training program. For successful abdominal workout pressand not even have to go to the gym, it can be practiced at home. It is important to only comply with regularity and adhere to a clear timetable.


The most optimal training regime areworkout three or four times a week, spent a day at 40-50 minutes. It is important to remember that an overabundance of occupation no not benefit, and breaks between workouts needed to muscles time to recover. The same principle applies to the number of exercises and approaches - more is not better. Do not do more than 20 repetitions for one approach and more than 3-4 sets for one exercise.


exercise options on press There is a large array, but they somehow be reduced to three main groups: exercise to work through the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle (upper press), The lower part of the rectus muscle (lower press) And exercises to work through the oblique abdominal muscles. To study the top pressand fit all the exercises associated with the rise of the upper body of a prone position on the floor or gymnastic bench, for lower pressand are effective on different legs rises in heightlying down or pulling your knees to your chest with vise on wall bars or gymnastic bar. All housing rises with twisting train obliques, both external and internal. What exercises are suitable for you, need to be addressed individually, depending on the overall level of body fitness and health. The main thing to remember that exercises should work through all the sections of the abdominal pressbut also be varied, so that the muscles do not get used to the same type of load.


If you are going to get really nicestomach and thin waist, after each session straight abdominal muscles need to stretch gently. Otherwise this lack prolixity muscles could lead to thickening of the seal and the side wall of the abdomen. As streamers are perfect variety of backbends or gymnastic "bridge". This exercise is important to carry out smoothly and without excessive voltage to prevent damage to the spine.

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