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How to Train an English Bulldog

How to train English bulldog

English Bulldogs are very popular among dog owners all over the world.

These animals are suitable for both experienced dog handlers with the experience, and those who first decided to have a pet.

Among the traits peculiar to the English bulldog, solidity and calmness.

You will need

  • English Bulldog, patience, dog treats (dry food, slices of cheese or cooked meat, special cookies), toys.



According to the official breed standard, thisanimals (as, indeed, and other members of the subgroup Molossians and Mastiffs) inherent in some phlegm. It must not be forgotten, since train English bulldog, because phlegmatic slowly learn commands. However, according to experts, dogs with this type of temperament is learned remember for a long time.

how to raise a French bulldog


There are basic principles of training, whichappropriate for dogs of virtually all breeds. It is important to choose the right time to practice: just dined Bulldog unlikely to respond to the treat, his only thought is likely to be the desire to quickly lie down and sleep. It is not necessary to train the dog and as soon as she came out for a walk. The dog will be difficult to concentrate because there is so much new information. Ideally, if it will take about 2-3 hours after ingestion, and about 15-20 minutes after the start of walking.

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In order to encourage the dog canuse a delicacy. It is also important to praise your pet for the correct execution of the command, and praise can sometimes be even more effective than the most delicious treat. As a food promotion can select finely sliced ​​cheese or boiled meat, special biscuits for dogs and dry food. This can be anything from the fact that like the dog and convenient to use. Certainly better to refrain from the use of harmful products (meats, chips, chocolate, etc.).

how to choose the English bulldog


First, it is to study the basic commands - "lie"and "sit." Also, as the initial phase of suitable commands such as "me" and "place". To teach your dog to lie or sit on command (in this case the equipment is very similar), you need to let her know that the host in the hand is something good to eat. Gently pressing on cereals and showing a biscuit, it is necessary to "help" the dog take the necessary position, several times repeating the appropriate command. owner's voice at the same time should be smooth, but strict. Once bulldog sit or lie down, depending on what is required of it by the owner, you must immediately give the treat and be sure to praise the animal. Only the owner knows exactly what will be most effective for his favorite - scratch behind the ear, or even vigorously pat gently pinch. The main thing is that the dog realized that the owner is very happy with the result.

mated French Bulldog


It is not necessary for the day to try to explore soonseveral teams. However, if the dog in the morning showed that already knew, for example, the command "lie" would be useful to consolidate the skill several times. Gradually, the team should be given in a variety of settings - at home, on the street, in a quiet and lively place, at a party or at the fair. After studying the "down" command and "sit", you can move on to more complex.


If Bulldog is just starting to learn the basicstraining, better to give him a break after 20-30 minutes after the start of "lesson". The total duration of training depends on the age and nature of the pet. It is important not to overdo it, especially during the first start-up phase to a dog training was associated only with something interesting and enjoyable. As already mentioned, the majority of English bulldogs - phlegmatic, and if they develop into an aversion to employment, to convince the dog will not be easy.

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