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How to train an English Bulldog


How to train an English Bulldog</a>

English bulldogs are well-deserved popularity among dog breeders all over the world.

These animals are suitable for experienced filmologists with experience, and for those who first decided to start a pet.

Among the main character traits characteristic of English bulldogs, thoroughness and equanimity.

You will need

  • English bulldog, patience, dog treat (dry food, pieces of cheese or boiled meat, special cookies), toys.



According to the official breed standard, thisAnimals (as, indeed, other representatives of the subgroup Molosses and Mastiffs) is inherent in some phlegmatic. This should not be forgotten when starting to train an English bulldog, because the phlegmaticians slowly learn the commands. However, according to experts, dogs with a similar type of temperament remember the assimilated very long.

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There are basic principles of training, whichAre suitable for dogs of almost all breeds. It is important to choose the right time for classes: the just-eaten bulldog is unlikely to react to the delicacy, his only thought is likely to be the urge to hurry and sleep. Do not teach the dog and immediately after she went for a walk. The dog will be difficult to concentrate, because there is so much new information around. Ideally, if it takes about 2-3 hours after eating, and 15-20 minutes after the start of the walk.

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In order to encourage the dog, you canTake advantage of a treat. It is also important to praise the pet for the right commands, and praise can sometimes be even more effective than the most delicious treat. As a food reward, you can choose finely chopped cheese or boiled meat, special dog cookies or dry food. It can be anything from what the dog likes and is comfortable to use. Of course, it's better to refrain from using harmful products (smoked meat, chips, chocolate, etc.).

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First, it is worth studying the basic commands - "lying"And "sit". Also, as an initial stage, teams like "to me" and "place" are suitable. To teach the dog to lie or sit on the command (the technique in this case is very similar), it is necessary to let her know that the owner in his hand has something tasty. Gently pressing on the groats and showing a piece of goodies, it is necessary to "help" the dog to take the necessary position, several times repeating the corresponding command. The voice of the host must be level, but strict. As soon as the bulldog sits or lies, depending on what the owner requires of him, you must immediately give a treat and be sure to praise the animal. Only the owner knows exactly what will be most effective for his pet - scratching his ear, vigorously clapping or even gently pinching. The main thing is for the dog to understand that the owner is very pleased with the result.

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It is not necessary to try to study at onceSeveral commands. However, if the dog showed in the morning that she already understood, for example, the command "lie down", it will be useful to reinforce the skill several more times. Gradually, teams need to be given in different conditions - at home, on the street, in a quiet and lively place, at a party or at an exhibition. After studying the commands "lie down" and "sit" you can move on to more complex ones.


If the bulldog is just beginning to comprehend the basicsTraining, it is better to give him a break in 20-30 minutes after the beginning of the "lesson". The total duration of training depends on the age and nature of the pet. It is very important not to overdo it, especially during the first, the initial stage, so that the dog's training is associated only with something interesting, pleasant. As already mentioned, most English bulldogs are phlegmatic, and if they develop an aversion to their studies, it will not be easy to change the dog.

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