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How to train animals

How to train animals

Train a pet it is necessary.

Favorite pet must understand that there are things that can not be done.

And teach the animal that can only host.



The first skill that you need to instill in your homeanimal - cat, dog, ferret, rabbit - the ability to go to the toilet in a special place. To teach this is quite simple, and the owners will always be spared from having to shovel a handful of corners.

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Learn baby animal walking in the tray should beas soon as the baby will be in the house. The easiest way with cats and rabbits. It is very clean animals, which in the wild trying to have a toilet in one place.

German Shepherds home training


Pour into a tray filler and naturalbaby plant inside. Take his foot and scrape on the filler, like bury something. Iron the baby on the fur and talking to him in a calm voice. Plant cub in the tray every time you eat or drink, and whenever you notice his anxiety. After two or three days the baby will go to the tray yourself. The first time did not change the filler often to smell reminded cub about where his toilet.

how to train a German Shepherd puppy


Puppies and young ferrets due to theirenergy and inquisitiveness are learning to use the toilet for longer than cats and rabbits. Therefore, the first time it is better to settle them in an aviary, where there will be a tray with the filler or absorbent sheet was lying. To impart skills needed as well as cats and rabbits. Every time after eating to put the baby in the tray. After two or three days you can remove the fence to baby ran around the room. But do not forget to put it in a tray or on a sheet for a further week. This time will be enough to remember the kid where his toilet.

how to train your cat


Cleanliness - is the first thing to teachmaster. Then you can deal with more complex training - learning the implementation of the various teams. The principles of training are simple - perseverance, repetition and encouragement. Talk to the animals in a firm voice, repeat lessons every day and praise, if it turns out.

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