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How to train alabai


How to train alabai</a>

Alabai is a large guard dog.

His training begins with remembering the name - the animal must know that they are addressing it and reacting quickly.

And the second team is "not allowed".

It will greatly facilitate the life of the owners, since it is simply impossible to keep a huge dog from any actions by force.



It is better to start teaching alabai at the age of 2-2,5Month. Before this, the puppy is still too small, and will perceive learning as a game. A dog older than 3 months already learns some skills, and retrain them will be quite difficult.


Training puppy begins with the training nickname. It is better to do this before feeding and during the game. Put the food in a bowl, hold it in your hands and call the dog by name. When the puppy comes running - praise and put the bowl on the floor. During the game, take in the hand your favorite dog toy, twist it, drawing attention. Call the puppy. When he comes running - praise, give the toy. Practice shows that clever Alabans need 2-3 days of training to remember their name.


The "impossible" command must be executedUnquestioningly. In training, you have to pull yourself together and show rigor, as cute alabai puppies are able to pity anyone. If you see that the dog is doing what is forbidden, approach her and press your hands on your back closer to the tail. The puppy will sit down on the floor and get distracted from business. Look into his eyes and tell him strictly, "You can not." Hold for a few seconds, pressing to the floor, and release. If the puppy has obeyed - praise and give a treat. If you start all over again - repeat your actions. Make sure that the kid stops doing what he is forbidden. Only then praise and feed.


Another important team for large dogs isto me". Especially valuable is its study, if Alabai lives in the city. During the walk, he can frighten passers-by with his formidable look, they are confused, they begin to perform actions that are strange in the dog's opinion. For example, to wave your hands. Alabai will rush to protect himself and his master and can seriously injure a person. That this did not happen, learn the command "to me". First, the training passes with a leash. Release the puppy 2-3 meters from yourself. Then call the nickname and shout "to me." When the kid comes running - praise. The first time that the puppy realized what they want from him, you need to pull the leash. And, of course, give a treat.

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