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How to Train Alabai

How to train Alabai

Alabai - a large guard dog.

His training begins with remembering names - the animal should be aware that refer to it and to quickly respond.

And the second team - "no".

It will greatly facilitate the life of the owners, so how do you keep a huge dog from any action force is simply impossible.



Alabai Learning is better to start from the age of 2-2.5months. Prior to this, the puppy is too young, and will perceive learning as a game. A dog older than 3 months already learn some skills, and retrain them will be quite difficult.


Training begins with teaching a puppy named. It is better to do it before feeding and during the game. Putting food in a bowl, hold it in your hands and call the dog by name. When the puppy will come running - praise and put a bowl on the floor. During the game, take in your hand your favorite dog toy, twist it, attracting attention. Call your puppy. When he will come running - praise, give a toy. Practice shows that smart enough ALABAY 2-3 days of training, to remember his name.


"No" command must be executedunquestioningly. The training will have to pull yourself together and show rigor as cute puppies Alabai can soften anyone. If you see that the dog does what is forbidden, approach it and press your hands on the back near the tail. Puppy sits down on the floor and distracted from the affairs. Look him in the eye and tell strict - "no". Hold for a few seconds, pressed to the floor and release. If the puppy is obeyed - praise and give a treat. If you start all over again - repeat their actions. Get that kid stopped doing what he prohibited. Only then praise and feed.


Another important command for large dogs - "toto me". Especially valuable to study it, if Alabai live in the city. During the walk, he can scare passers-by menacing his view, they are lost, will make for a strange dog believes action. For example, waving his arms. Alabai rush to protect themselves and the host and can seriously injure a person. To avoid this, learn the command 'to me. " First training runs with a lead. Release the puppy 2-3 meters away. Then call a nickname and say "me". When the baby come running - praise. The first time that the puppy knew what he should do, you need to pull the leash. And, of course, give a treat.

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