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How to Train a hedgehog

How to train a hedgehog

Jerzy - amazing creatures.

Thanks to its quiet disposition, interestingappearance and ridiculous "fyrchaniyu" hedgehogs often become heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, with, as a rule, they always act as positive characters.

Some dare to have a wild animal in nature at home.

Features content urchins

Hedgehogs can become wonderful pets. Of course, it is not necessary to bring urchins from the forest and put them in a cage. Firstly, this is an incredible stress for a wild animal, and secondly, there is a danger of animal many dangerous diseases.
Sold decorative urchins, for example, African dwarf, which is grown by experienced breeders, better to take a hedgehog with them.
To keep a hedgehog home, you will need a cellof at least 40 square centimeters Sex in the cell must be smooth or soft on the slatted floor hedgehogs can injure delicate paws. In places where hedgehogs should not be drafts and direct sunlight.
The cell must necessarily be equipped with feeding, watering, house and cross-country gear - hedgehog will run in it at night, at a time when in the wild, he goes hunting.
Feed hedgehogs special dry food andcanned insects - they can be purchased in pet stores. You can occasionally give pieces of fruit and fresh fodder insects. From time to time you can offer hedgehog wet food for kittens.

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Education & training

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Many experts say that by knowing the hedgehogs - rather primitive animals. For example, they stupider mice. Nevertheless, the basic tricks and obedience hedgehog is quite possible to teach.

You can create a variety of improvised means "obstacle" and lay them goodies. So your hedgehog will learn himself.

Start to train to be a hedgehog that heto get used to you and love you. To do this, he needs to remember your smell and voice. To start the cell can put any your thing, for example, a T-shirt. So the hedgehog will feel your scent, even when you are not there, and then it will be for you much more trusting.
To animal accustomed to the voice, it is necessary totalk, at least half an hour per day. Well, if you feed it with just you. Then the hedgehog will hear the voices of other people, but not to them as is.
If you regularly engage in a pet, he soon learns your name and begin to respond to it.

The clown-trainer Nikolay Yashukov constantly engaged in training urchins. His hedgehogs are able to roll carts, jump over obstacles and more.

In addition, trained hedgehog can performprimitive commands like "Stand" and "to me." Team "Stand" animal can be trained as follows: beckon to her dainty hedgehog or movement of hands, then say, "Stop!" And blocked his path, such as a book. After much training, he will remember what to do.
You can also teach commands hedgehog "roll up!"And" Turn around! ". The main thing - in any case it is not to frighten, or he refuses to trust you. Saying the team, you need to careful hand movements to help him to fold and unfold.

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