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How to train a hedgehog


How to train a hedgehog</a>

The hedgehogs are amazing creatures.

Due to its calm nature, interestingAppearance and ridiculous "snorting" hedgehogs often become heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, while, as a rule, they always act as positive characters.

Some dare to have this wild animal by nature.

Features of hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can become wonderful pets. Of course, you should not bring hedgehogs from the forest and put them in a cage. First, it is an incredible stress for a wild animal, and secondly, there is a danger of getting a lot of dangerous diseases from the animal.
For sale decorative hedgehogs, for example, African dwarf, which are grown by experienced breeders, it is better to take a hedgehog with them.
To house a hedgehog you will need a cageSize not less than 40 cm2. The floor in the cage must necessarily be smooth or soft, on the latticed floor hedgehogs can injure the tender legs. In a place where hedgehogs are kept, there should be no drafts and direct sunlight.
The cage must necessarily be equipped with a feeder, a water bottle, a house and a running wheel - the hedgehog will run in it at night, while in the wild he goes hunting.
Feeding hedgehogs with special dry food andCanned food from insects - they can be purchased at pet stores. You can sometimes give pieces of fruit and fresh fodder insects. From time to time you can offer a hedgehog wet food for kittens.

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Training and training

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Many experts note that the intellectual abilities of hedgehogs are rather primitive animals. They, for example, are more stupid than mice. Nevertheless, the elementary tricks and obedience of the hedgehog can be fully trained.

You can create various "obstacle strips" from improvised means and arrange them with delicacies. So your hedgehog will train himself.

To start to train a hedgehog follows that heShould get used to you and love you. To do this, he needs to remember your scent and voice. To begin with, you can put some thing in your cage, such as a T-shirt. So the hedgehog will feel your smell, even when you are not around, and then will be much more trusting to you.
To the animal used to the voice, it is necessaryTalk for at least half an hour a day. Well, if you only feed him. Then the hedgehog will hear the voices of other people, but will not be so disposed to them.
If you regularly engage with a pet, soon he will learn his name and start responding to it.

Clown-trainer Nikolai Yashukov constantly engaged in training hedgehogs. His hedgehogs are able to roll carts, jump over obstacles and much more.

In addition, a trained hedgehog can performPrimitive commands, like "Stand" and "To me." The "Stand" team can be trained as follows: entice a hedgehog with a delicacy or movement of hands, then say: "Stand!" And block his path, for example, with a book. After long trainings, he will remember what needs to be done.
You can also train the hedgehog team "Turn around!"And" Turn around! ". The main thing is not to frighten him in any case, otherwise he will refuse to trust you. When speaking commands, you need to help him curtail and turn around with careful movements of hands.

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