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How to train a Chihuahua to a tray

How to train a Chihuahua to a tray

Walking their baby chihuahua on the street is not very convenient.

In cold weather, it can just as well to avoid this, it is necessary to dress.

Accustom the puppy to the tray is very easy, because they are smart, like most dogs, as well as smart.

By the age of three months puppy masters the tray and is no longer making puddles on the carpet.



Buy baby tray with low bumpers. Some breeders trail newspaper, absorbent disposable diaper and even car mats. By the way, mats dogs prefer to make their case, however, the kind of love chuhuahua to car accessories are very difficult to explain. In any case, choose to your taste, but beware of the dog and addiction. Do not select the tray with the grid, the baby is unlikely to appreciate it.


Have patience and be verycareful, try to keep an eye on the animals when possible. If the dog wants to use the toilet, changing behavior begins vanity and a brief search of a suitable place. In this case, pull the puppy to the toilet and gently explain what you can and can not be in the room.

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If the carpet is still attracted chuhuahua his napand nothing can be done, take the usual cloth and dab it into the urine and then place it in the tray. Dogs have an acute sense of smell and prefer to go to the toilet where they have already left the fragrance. Cloth in the tray will entice the puppy and he is interested toilet. But the carpet thoroughly eliminate the smell by any means to the chlorine content.

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If the kid just did not have time to run to the tray,It means a route to it is too long and should be shortened. Put another tray or simply lay a newspaper. The next time you need a strong puppy use spare toilet seat and will not make a puddle on the floor.

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In pet stores sell means"Repeller-Antipis" it its odor discourages strictly prohibited from walking places in the toilet, and the kid passes them by. Deal with the necessary premises zone this means. Usually it works well, and the puppy tries to do wet things in the treated site.

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Praise your puppy and periodically and remind him of the tray. Do not be discouraged if something does not work, over time, chihuahua master room for toilet Affairs and stop watering it so attractive for Palace.

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