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How to track phone calls

How to track phone calls

Spending on mobile communications - one of the constant flow of articles in the budget of the family or organization.

In order to know for what you paymoney, which calls have been made from your mobile phone and how much you will need to order itemized bill from your mobile operator.

You will need

  • You will need:
  • - the Internet-
  • - Working e-mail.



Mobile operators provide theircustomer service "detailed report". This report is brought to you by e-mail in the form of a standard file. Such reports are of three types: expense, time specification calls and periodic detail. If you need a full report on completed calls, SMS, and other expenses for mobile services - will suit the periodic detail. To make the order on reception of this report is simple.


Sign up on the site of their mobile operator. On page online support go to your account, it is often called the "My Account".


The official line of type in a mobile phone number, an account of which you want to receive your login and password.


You went on a personal page. Decide for what time period you are comfortable to receive expense reports. Typically, users select one calendar month, for example, you also did.


In this line, type in your emailmail address to which you want to receive reports. After a short amount of time you will receive from the mobile operator a letter containing a report file. Now you can keep track of all calls and SMS made from your phone.

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