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How to trace a mobile phone

How to trace a mobile phone

At this point in time information technology we have reached such a high level that the person can be tracked by mobile phone.

Often these technologies are used in law enforcement.

Many users also raises issues related to the definition of a mobile phone location.

You will need

  • Mobile phone, PC



Google has released a program thatIt allows owners of mobile phones and other wireless devices to automatically share your location with friends and family.


The program is called Google Latitude. It allows people in 27 countries automatically share your location. Also, this program can at any time disable the device transmitted. define local coordinates can be displayed immediately on the mobile device Google map program, or using any personal computer.


However, the company also took into account the fact thatphone owner has complete control over this option. He will be able to connect certain people who will be able to find out its location. The program will be fully updated to the hackers were able to steal a programmable code.


You can also use a cellular serviceoperator. Today, operators such as "megaphone", "Beeline" and "MTS" provide a service that determines the location of the subscriber. In general we can say that identify the subscriber or location of a specific phone is not difficult, but not available to everyone.

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