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How to trace a mobile phone


How to trace a mobile phone</a>

At this point in time, information technology has reached such a high level that it is possible to track a person on a mobile phone.

Often, such technologies are used in law enforcement agencies.

Many users also have questions related to the location of the mobile phone.

You will need

  • Mobile phone, PC



Google has released a program thatAllows owners of mobile phones and other wireless devices to automatically send their coordinates to friends and relatives.


The program is called Google Latitude. It allows people in 27 countries to automatically report their location. Also this program at any time can disconnect the transmitted device. The subscriber coordinates can be determined immediately on the display of the mobile device in the Google map program, or using any personal computer.


However, the company also took into account the fact thatThe owner of the phone must fully control this option. He will be able to connect certain people who will be able to find out his location. Also the program will be completely updated so that hackers can not steal the programmable code.


You can also use the services of cellularOperator. To date, operators such as Megafon, Beeline and MTS provide a service that identifies the subscriber's location. In general, it can be said that it is not difficult to determine the subscriber, or the location of a particular phone, but not everyone can access it.

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