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Tourism in Germany: Munich


Situated near the Alps, on the banks of the Isar - Munich, attracts many tourists in their region.

The beautiful architecture, interesting excursions and numerous museums - this is not the only thing that the reputation of this city.

Annual Fall Beer Festival is a separate pride of Munich.

Many Russian cities can be reached beforecity ​​transfers, but fly from Moscow direct flights. If you fly it from the Russian capital, the time of flight will take you for 3 hours. From Franz Josef Strauss, Munich airport to the city center easily reached by train. € 10, 40 minutes and you are at the Main train station in Munich.

Winter is soft, very changeable, butlittle snow. Frosts are very rare here. Munich temperature in winter is about -4 degrees. How do you like the idea to combine sightseeing with downhill skiing? Summer here is never hot, always pouring rain. As a rule, the temperature is kept at 18 degrees.

Public transport is the subway,trams, trains and buses. Tourists are much more profitable to buy a travel card and ride as much as necessary and on anything. Such a card is purchased either for a day or three. Plus free travel still provide discounts on admission to many museums. Without this card, you can pay the fare to 5 euros.

With love all Germans? Good beer with Bavarian sausages. You just have to try it all themselves in any of the pubs or restaurants. Wherever you went, you all will like the kitchen. Glass of beer you can buy for 0,50-3 euros and sausage will cost you not less than 6 euros. Always well worth a try roast lamb curry and the national cake.

The core of the city - the Marienplatz square. It is with it is to start your journey through the city.

It is worth visiting the zoo in Munich, which isthe largest in Europe. Adults and children will love it, because there are about 15,000 different animals. Flamingos, giraffes, chimpanzees, elephants and ponies - animals list is endless. Better yourself to come back to the zoo and watch the representatives of the animal world.

Car lovers obviously not abandon the campaignin the BMW Museum, which opened in 1972. Here you can see what has long been out of production, and that had never before seen the light.

Visit the old castle Schloss Blutenburg, whichDuke holds the secrets of love and simple girl. Use the services of a guide, in fact it will immerse you in an atmosphere that prevailed here before, and besides, you can learn a lot.

Look also at the Museum of Crystals, Bavarian National Museum, the Residence Museum and Deutsches Museum. Most of the city's museums work about 18 pm.

If your holiday off to conquer Munichyou learn a lot of new things for themselves, will meet with a lot of attractions, get aesthetic pleasure from the architecture of the city. You will love this trip.

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