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TOPARIUM from coffee beans



Topiary is a small artificial tree that is used to decorate the interior.

It got to Russia from Europe and won great popularity, due to its unpretentiousness.

You will need

  • - tennis ball or foam
  • - coffee beans
  • - twine or tape
  • - potty
  • - glue gun
  • - stationery knife
  • - sisal or moulinet
  • - skewers for shish kebab



Take the workpiece and cut with a clerical knifeBase for the trunk. The ball can be painted in any color. To do this, use car paint, it better lays down and dries quickly. Then spread the ball with glue. Be careful when working with an adhesive gun, it is very hot. Gently lay on the ball of grain. As decor you can attach ribbons, balls, beads, or decorative flowers.


Take the sticks for shish kebab and tie them. Then grease with glue and tie with string or tape. Decorate the trunk and fasten it in the hole in the workpiece. In order for our structure to hold well, glue the hole with glue, and gently prick the slots with clay.


Our topiary is ready, it remains only to "plant" it in a pot. To do this, use gypsum or polystyrene. Decorate the upper layer with threads of mulina or sisal, imitating the grass.

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