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Topiary of coffee beans


Topiary - a small artificial tree, which is used for interior decoration.

It fell into Russia from Europe and gained a lot of popularity due to its undemanding.

You will need

  • - A tennis ball or a foam blank
  • - coffee beans
  • - Twine or ribbon
  • - pot
  • - Glue gun
  • - stationery knife
  • - Sisal or floss
  • - Skewers for kebabs



Take the blank and office knife cutthe basis for the trunk. The ball can be painted in any color. To do this, use the car paint, it goes better and dries quickly. Then smear glue ball. Be careful when working with glue gun, it is very hot. Gently lay the ball on the grain. As decoration, you can attach ribbons, beads, beads, flowers or decorative.


Pick up sticks for barbecue and bind them. Then promazhte glue and tie with string or ribbon. Decorate the trunk and fix the hole in the workpiece. To our design was kept well promazhte hole with glue and carefully close up the gap plasticine.


Our Topiary is ready, it remains only to "plant" it in a pot. To do this, use the plaster or foam. Decorate the top layer of thread floss or sisal, simulating grass.

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