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The main secrets of delicious okroshki


In the hot noon it's so nice to eat for lunchCold okroshka. This is a national dish of Russian cuisine can cook any hostess. To make your okroshka unusually delicious, you need to know a few secrets of its preparation.

The main secrets of delicious okroshki



It's not for nothing that this dish was called okroshka, for the idealThe taste of this cold soup is very important in the correct cutting of all the ingredients. Meat, sausage, eggs and potatoes must be cut into small cubes. A radish and cucumbers should be rubbed on a large grater, so they gave the maximum amount of their juice and flavor.


If the soup is cold, then the meat should not beBold. The ideal is boiled beef. Cut it better across the fibers, this will make the meat pieces softer. In conditions of shortage of time, for preparation of okroshki take "Doctor", "Milk" sausage or sausages.


Potatoes for okroshki it is better to boil "in a uniform". To cook it it is necessary up to friable condition, for this purpose prepare in a small amount of water, almost on pair, minutes 20-30.


Okroshka will become more saturated taste, if boiled yolks knead with a fork or grate on a fine grater and mix with a small amount of kvass, and then season the soup.


To cold soup has acquired an unusual flavor, dill, green onions, basil and parsley must be grinded with salt, preliminarily finely chopping it.


Classical okroshka means cooking it on kvass. Fans of a healthy lifestyle, as well as those who are dieting, you can take kefir low fat instead of kvass.


Fans can be more sharply seasoned with okroshku grated horseradish, mustard or ground black pepper.

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