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TOP-5 of the most beautiful cities in Russia


Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Russia</a>

Many people like to travel.

And most of these fans for some reason want to visit abroad.

Do not forget that Russia is not only a big country, but also very beautiful. First thing, I think, is to see the beauty of their homeland.

So let's find out which places should be visited first.



Undoubtedly, in the first place is St. Petersburg. This city is struck by a huge number of architectural buildings. Many romantics are attracted to it in the white nights. All sorts of flat streets, fences and patterns - all this can not leave indifferent. Once in St. Petersburg once, I want to be there again.


The second place is occupied by the capital - Moscow. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. In addition, it has a huge number of attractions - monuments, old cathedrals, majestic bridges. All this and many more can be seen in our capital.


It is impossible not to say about such a city as Kazan. As you know, it is the capital of Tatarstan and unites two cultures - Russian and Tatar. This city is impressive with a huge number of all kinds of mosques and a temple. In addition, it houses a temple that unites in itself as many as 4 religions, namely Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism.


The most beautiful northern city can be calledArkhangelsk. There are preserved ancient wooden manors, as well as the tower of merchants of bricks. And the embankments of this city are especially beautiful. They will bewitch everyone who visits those places.


Well, and concludes our top city under the nameKaliningrad. This city was built a long time ago. And the most unusual thing is that it was built by the Germans. After all, he came to us only after the Great Patriotic War ended. Of course, such an event as the war, greatly spoiled the architecture of Kaliningrad, but still there is something to see.
And now you can go on a trip! Good luck!

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