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Top 5 houseplants for lazy people

Top 5 houseplants for lazy people

Potted plants decorate the house, creatinga cozy atmosphere, the air saturated with volatile production, and purify it from harmful substances. However, most of the green inhabitants require constant and careful maintenance.

What do you do if you do not have time for this.

Do not worry, because there are a number of undemanding plants.

1. sansevieriya or "Teschin language." It is difficult to find a plant undemanding plant. It feels good as a bright light, and in the shade. Transplanting requires every few years, when the plant becomes a little space in its former refuge. Watering can rarely hold a substantial margin of moisture in the dense leaves.

2. Jade. This basket plant can settle and on the south and on the north window sill. The thick leaves have a supply of moisture, so a few months Crassula can do without irrigation. If you have a plant withered, cut off the stalk and put it into the water. Transplant is needed when the pot has absolutely no place for a strong root system.

3. Chlorophytum. Another undemanding to care for the plant. Its root system has a thickening, which accumulate nutrients and moisture. Therefore Chlorophytum not afraid of drought. The plant can fully develop as the sun and in the shade. This green is considered to be a resident of the best absorber of toxic substances from the air.

4. Aspipidistra. In England, this plant is called "iron flower" because it can withstand heat and cold, the lack of moisture, and light. Aspidistra is perfect for everything north of rooms where there is a lack of natural light, and offices with artificial light.

5. Nolin. This plant is the perfect inhabitant of homes whose owners are often on business trips. His birthplace - the desert, so watering is needed rare, but abundant, so that he could make the supply of moisture. Planting Nolin recommended in a small pot with loose soil.

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