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Top 10 smartest animals on the planet

Top 10 smartest animals on the planet

Have you ever thought about how smart are our brothers smaller?

On this question, scientists have tried to answer.

They found the most intelligent and smartest animals on the planet.



Surely all guessed what animal will be onfirst. Yes, of course, it's a monkey. Among them, the most intelligent are the gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon and monkey. These mammals are not only able to provide themselves with shelter and protect your family, but also to use the tools and to communicate a complex system of facial expressions and gestures. By the way, there is one very interesting fact. It is scientifically proven that children are much smarter than monkeys human children of the same age.


Elephants are also included in the top 10 most intelligent animalson the planet. These animals are capable of a lot. In their behavior they are even somewhat similar to humans. They know how to love, to build family ties and even mourn for their fellow men who left. Moreover, they may even their "bury". They do this, of course, not as individuals, but they are rightfully occupy its second place of honor.


In an aqueous medium, of course, the most intelligentThey are dolphins. These cute creation deserve human trust because of their goodness and sweet temper. They are very caring parents and good friends.


Abilities rats still did not stop, andcertainly not cease to amaze. These rodents not take intelligence. They will find a way out of the most difficult situation Lyuda. Even conduct an experiment: put a rat in a maze, cut off her mustache and zakleeli eyes. Even in this situation, she did not lose her and find out! These animals are simply amazing. But what to say, they may even retaliate person. Among them there is a constant natural selection, in which, as you know, survival of the fittest.


Of course, one should not absolutely all the animalscompared to human. For example, among the most intelligent fish are cichlids. They are very, well, very quickly adapted to all environmental conditions. And on the basis of this form more new species. Yes, so fast that scientists do not even have time to describe them.


Birds have also their own, so to speak, geniuses - iscrows. They are able to analyze and communicate with each other not just croak, and set different sounds. By the way, the crow can even teach a few words, and learn to solve simple math problems. Imagine how much they are smart!


Dogs, of course, also present in thislist. They are not only able to carry out various commands. No. They are very good feel and understand people, especially the owner. A dog of any breed can be smart, but still most geniuses among Dobermans, Labradors and German Shepherds.


Cockatoo parrots. Everyone knows that they are able to mimic human speech. In addition, they are even appropriate to use their lexicon. As they are well teachable. They can be taught to all sorts of tricks.


Do not think that the sheep - stupid animals. On the contrary, they are very clever and cunning. They are even able to skip that are sick. And all this to the predator did not understand their vulnerability. By the way, the sheep have a very good visual memory.


Oh, and completes our list of ant. Of course, it is they who create the most intelligent among insects. They can lead the warriors, while applying certain strategies, build nests, and even to enter into symbiosis - a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more individuals of different species.
Of course, animals can not be compared with the human intellect, but something people will always give in to our lesser brethren. Good luck!

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