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Top 10 facts about the continent of Antarctica

Features Antarctica

Endless snowy desert, covered with ice and snow cliffs, isolated from the rest of the world.

However, it is attracting a lot of research in Antarctica and tourists from around the world.

1. The fact that no polar bears among the animals of Antarctica

Habitat polar bears - Arctic, whichIt is located at the north pole. But in Antarctica, penguins are many who would not be able to exist peacefully with a polar bear. Because of the heavy frosts on the south pole of the North of Canada, Greenland and Alaska are more suitable climatic conditions for the habitat of polar bears. Although scientists increasingly began to reflect on their resettlement in the harsh conditions of Antarctica to protect the population from the consequences of the gradual melting of ice in the Arctic.

Fact 2. On the mainland, the river flow is lake

The most famous river of Antarctica is Onyx,which is active only during the summer season, filling the melt water lake Wanda. Its length is 40 km, and because of the polar temperature, it is possible to see the full-flowing only 2 months a year. The river is not with fish, but live algae and various microorganisms that can withstand temperatures close to zero.

3. The fact that Antarctica is considered the driest regions of the planet

Antarctica feature is that when the content of70% of all fresh water on the planet is considered the driest continent. This is due to the climate of the southern pole, where annual rainfall only 10 cm of rainfall, which is even less than in any desert in the world.

Fact 4. Citizens of Antarctica does not exist

In this frozen continent Nopermanent resident. All those who come here are temporary scientific associations or tourists. During the summer of 5000 to the mainland visiting explorers, and in the winter season for the research is about one thousand scientists.

5. The fact that Antarctica is not controlled by any state

Antarctica is not a country and does not belongany state. Although the history of the continent they would like to manage and still claim is not only Russia and the United States, but also Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, Japan and other countries, both officially and unofficially. As a result of the agreement, Antarctica remained free territory without authority, and other privileges of the flag of the modern state.

6. The fact that Antarctica is a paradise for meteorologists

Due to frost all the fallen meteorites on Earthin the Antarctic region are stored for a longer time. The most important for science steel particles of soil from Mars. Scientists estimate that a meteor crossed the Earth's atmosphere, its start-up rate should be equal to 18 thousands km / h.

7. The fact that Antarctica exists outside of time zones

Lack of time zones in Antarctica, enablespolar explorers to live in their own time. Basically, all the scientists check their watches or the native-time or time-bound supplies of food and equipment. A stay in all time zones on the mainland can be less than a minute. This phenomenon, which allows you to be out of time, the stories of guides can be experienced in Greenwich, looking up from the ground at the zero meridian.

Fact 8. Antarctica - the kingdom of Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins in the wildThey live only in Antarctica. Apart from them on the mainland is a third species of these animals. However, only members of the species can reproduce emperor penguin severe winter, others prefer the south of the continent after the onset of the summer season. The coastal waters are rich in marine life of Antarctica, while on land meets very few living creatures. An exception may be endemic to the region - wingless chironomids Belgica antarctica 13 mm in length. Due to high winds the existence of flying insects is impossible. The only accompanying penguins are black springtails resembling fleas. The uniqueness of Antarctica gives the fact that, unlike other continents there are no own ant species.

9. The fact that Antarctica is not facing global warming

In Antarctica is concentrated up to 90% of all the icethe world that has an average thickness of 2,133 m. When the melting of glaciers mainland ocean level should rise throughout the world at 61 meters. Due to the fact that the average temperature in Antarctica reaches minus 37 degrees, and some parts of the continent has never warmed to zero, we can say with confidence that the melting of glaciers that place is not threatened.

10. The fact that the largest recorded iceberg in Antarctica

Huge iceberg length of 295 km and a width of 37 km has an area of ​​11 thousand km2. It weighs almost 3 billion tonnes and has still not melted since the separation from the Ross Ice Shelf in 2000.

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