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TOP-10 facts about the mainland Antarctica


Features of Antarctica</a>

The endless snow-white desert, covered with ice and snow cliffs, is isolated from other continents.

However, this is what attracts many researchers and tourists from all over the world to Antarctica.

Fact 1. Among the animals of Antarctica there are no polar bears

The habitat of polar bears - the Arctic, whichIs at the north pole. But in Antarctica there are many penguins who could not exist peacefully with the polar bear. Due to stronger frosts at the south pole North Canada, Greenland and Alaska are more suitable for climatic conditions for the habitat of polar bears. Although scientists increasingly began to think about their resettlement in the harsh conditions of Antarctica, in order to protect the population from the effects of gradual melting of the Arctic ice.

Fact 2. There are rivers on the mainland and there are lakes

The most famous river of Antarctica is Onyx,Which is active only during the summer season, filling the melt water Lake Wanda. Its length is 40 km and because of the polar temperatures it can be seen full-water only 2 months a year. In the river there is no fish, but live algae and various microorganisms that can withstand temperatures close to zero.

Fact 3. Antarctica is considered the dryest region of the planet

The peculiarity of Antarctica is that with the content70% of all fresh water on the planet continent is considered to be the driest. This is due to the climate of the south pole, where for the year falls only 10 cm of sediment, which is even less than in any desert in the world.

Fact 4. Citizens of Antarctica do not exist

On this ice continent, there is not onePermanent resident. Everyone who comes here, refers to temporary scientific associations or tourists. Over the whole summer, the mainland visits up to 5,000 polar explorers, and in the winter season about one thousand scientists remain for research.

Fact 5. Antarctica is not governed by any state

Antarctica is not a country and does not belong toNot a single state. Although in the whole history of the mainland they were wanted to manage and still not only Russia and the United States claim, but also Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, Norway, Japan and other countries both officially and unofficially. As a result of the agreement, Antarctica remained a free territory without authorities, flag and other privileges of the modern state.

Fact 6. Antarctica is a haven for meteorologists

Thanks to the permafrost all meteorites that fell to EarthThe Antarctica area has been preserved for a longer time. The most significant for science were particles of soil from Mars. According to scientists, for such a meteor to cross the Earth's atmosphere its starting speed should be 18 thousand km / h.

Fact 7. Antarctica exists outside the time zones

The absence of time zones in Antarctica allowsPolar explorers live according to their own time. Basically, all scientists compare their watches, either by their own time, or by the timing of food and equipment supplies. You can visit all the time zones on the mainland in less than a minute. A similar phenomenon that allows you to be out of time, according to the guides, you can survive in Greenwich, having come off the ground on the zero meridian.

Fact 8. Antarctica is the realm of the emperor penguins

Imperial penguins in vivoLive only in Antarctica. In addition to them on the mainland, there is a third of the varieties of these animals. However, only representatives of the species of the imperial penguins can reproduce in the harsh winter, while the rest prefer the south of the continent after the onset of the summer season. The coastal waters of Antarctica are rich in marine life, while on land there are very few living beings. An exception can be the endemic of the region - the wingless mosquitoes-bell of Belgica antarctica 13 mm long. Because of strong winds, the existence of flying insects is impossible. The only accompanying penguins are the black-tailed moths, reminiscent of fleas. The uniqueness of Antarctica is also attached to the fact that, unlike the rest of the continents, there is no its own species of ants.

Fact 9. Antarctica is not threatened by global warming

In Antarctica, up to 90% of the total ice is concentratedOn a planet that has an average thickness of 2,133 meters. With the melting of all the glaciers of the continent, the ocean level should rise 61 m over the entire Earth. Due to the fact that the average temperature in Antarctica reaches minus 37 degrees, and some regions of the continent never warm up to zero, it can be stated with certainty that melting of glaciers does not threaten this place.

Fact 10. Antarctica recorded the largest iceberg

A huge iceberg with a length of 295 km and a width of 37 km has an area of ​​11 thousand km2. It weighs almost 3 billion tons and still has not melted since the separation from the Ross glacier in 2000.

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