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Top 10 best detectives

Top 10 best detectives

Any good detective has an intricate plot anda complex puzzle, which is so nice to try to figure out in a day, comfortably sitting in a chair and sipping aromatic tea. Many book lovers prefer so to spend all your free time, fully immersed in the mysterious action of the detective story.

Not less successful partner - see detective film, wrapped in a warm blanket, wondering who is the real culprit.

Ten detective books

The study of active internet portals and leading book editions, the main detectives following books have become in recent years:
On the tenth place is located British authorKate Atkinson with the book "Crimes of the Past", where the protagonist Jackson Brodie successfully reveals the long-standing offense that for a long time "gathering dust" in the police archives. During the investigation of past events most incredible way intertwined and lead the hero to unexpected discoveries.
At number nine - Russian writer NikolaiSvechin and his novel "The Chronicles of investigation", written in the retro genre, and telling about the investigation of a very complicated cases fearless detective Alexei Lykov.
On the eighth place detective "Cats do not offendIt recommends "author Helena Mikhalkov. At first glance, a harmless tabby kitten most incredible way draws his young mistress in a whirlpool of incredible events and a string of murders. But is fragile girl will be able to solve this mystery, to save his life?
Seventh place, book critics gave Anna authorsand Sergey Litvinov, as well as their detective "features a woman's love." The protagonist Poluyanov Dima and his girlfriend by accident embroiled in intrigue theater tourism. It was at this time there die young and talented actor, and all suspicions fall on the main characters, who are trying to work together to find a way out of this difficult situation.
Under number six - good detective aboutindustrial espionage writer Bernhard Schlink. Work for the first time translated into Russian and tells about the strange and mysterious events that begin to happen around the main character and his beloved.

Entangled detective stories and puzzles often lead to the most unexpected denouement, in this is the main popularity of the detective genre.

Scary situation and shocking twists

In fifth place - a mysterious new gameclad in a skin of the classic American road movie genre, writer Jesse Kellerman. Modest assistant, secretly adores her boss, after his sudden disappearance embarks on a quest full of unexpected pitfalls and turns of fate.
Fourth place went to Detective Yu Nesbit "Goddess of Vengeance", which is very colorfully describes the misadventures of Harry Hole, which is to join the fight against evil, to unravel the mystery of premeditated murder, in which he is accused.
The honorable third place detective TatianaUstinova "Immediately after the creation of the world." Alexei Pletnev accidentally finds himself in a remote village, where he started a new life. But first he had to deal with a series of strange events and killings. What will Alexey circumstances, it is difficult to predict.
Complicated case of the death of a construction magnate,which is pretty Nikki Heat - the basis of the popular detective "Unbearable heat" Richard Castle who book critics gave the second place ranking.
Who can take first place in the top 10 mostfamous detective, if not Marinina and her book "Torn thread. Volume 2 ". In the center of events - uncompromising Dr. Sergey Sablin, who does not go on about the tricks and lies, choosing a difficult path of truth.

Many book lovers believe that the re-reading a good detective - wasting time.

Of course, everyone has their favorite readerauthor whose books I want to read again and again. But, nevertheless, it is always useful to read a couple of other detective stories, to once again make sure that its author you chose correctly.

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