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Before what year is the dacha amnesty


Up to what year the dacha amnesty operates</a>

Dacha amnesty refers to the norms prescribed inThe Federal Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Issue of the Rights of Individuals to Individual Real Estate Objects in Simplified Order".

It was adopted in 2006, but its operation was extended several times.

The essence of the law on dacha amnesty

This statutory act in the legislative orderA simplified procedure for registration and registration of land plots allocated for cottages, as well as residential and non-residential buildings, which citizens built on them, was approved. By this law, the state not only stimulates private construction, but also seeks to ensure that real estate objects that exist in fact are entered in the state cadastre and are legally formalized. The latest amendments to the law on dacha amnesty extend its validity until January 1, 2015. If you have not issued a certificate of ownership of the garden or garden area, as well as the buildings erected on it, you still have time before this date.

What documents will be required to place the land

After 2001, the owners of landThey received them after the information on the land had been entered in the state register of real estate objects, therefore, the dacha amnesty mainly concerns those summer residents who received plots before 2001. The list of documents that you must submit to the Rosreestr authorities includes:
- title documents for land-
- cadastre plan of the site, in which there is a scheme of its boundaries and the area-
- receipt of payment of state duty. You need to make and attach to the documents a photocopy.

Land surveying of the plot will have to be done in the event that you plan its sale, it is possible to formalize the land in the ownership of a dacha amnesty without it.

What documents will be required to make summer cottages

The plot and buildings on it you can arrangeAt the same time, if the land is already framed, the buildings must be registered separately. The documents necessary for this depend on the type of construction, if this is a non-capital structure, it will be sufficient to present the cadastral plan for the plot, fill out the declaration and pay the state fee. If this is a capital individual dwelling house, you will need to present the following documents:
- The cadastral passport for the house and the project for it (if available) -
- certificate of ownership of land (if the land has already been issued) -
- a receipt for payment of the state fee and its photocopy.

You may be refused registration of the land plot and buildings on it in case of failure to submit all necessary documents or when the site is located in some nature protection zone.

As you can see, you do not have to collect a lot of certificates and permits, make a technical passport, etc., so it makes sense to hurry to get under the law on dacha amnesty.

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