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To what doctor to address if hair falls out


To what doctor to address if hair falls out</a>

Beautiful and shiny hair is in itselfTestify to the good health of its owner, Their thinning and thinning are often symptoms of serious diseases such as lupus and seborrhea, skin infections, oncology, hormonal failures.

That is why hair loss is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor.

Causes of hair loss

Daily a small amount of hair, from 50 to100 pieces, can die off and drop out in a natural way. The reason for concern is an increase in this amount, or when a loss of 10 to 50% of hair is observed in any local area.

The use of steroids can cause hair loss in men who are engaged in bodybuilding. All because steroids cause a hormonal imbalance in the body.

The reasons for their loss are many. If you do not have any diseases, the beginning of baldness can have other reasons. So, for example, stress. The most interesting thing is that the fallout after them may not begin immediately, but after a while, for example, after a month and a half or two months. The cause of problems with hair can be a violation of the thyroid gland, when hormones begin to be produced in a smaller or larger amount.
Nutrition and care forHair. Provoke their loss can private and unbalanced rigid diets, as well as a ruthless attitude towards the hair. In particular, too frequent coloring, chemical perm or drying by a hair dryer. However, the most common cause of concern is the absence of a visible cause, according to which hair can fall out, so do not delay and you should immediately contact a specialist trichologist. It is to this specialist and it is necessary to escape first of all in case of problems with hair.

If there is no trichologist in your clinic, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist. This specialist can also help you with the problem of hair loss.

Than a trichologist can help

Trichology is one and divisions of dermatology,Who studies the problems of hair health, as well as diseases that provoke them. If you contact this specialist, he will find out what diseases and events have happened to you during the last 6-7 months, because the body does not react to them immediately and hair loss can begin only after 3-4 months. You can even forget about the trouble or illness that provoked the problem with your hair, but the body and your hair will "remember" it for a long time.
During the examination, the attending physician-trichologist determinesThe extent of the problem, investigates the frequency and nature of hair growth. You may also be referred to a dermatologist, endocrinologist, lor, dentist, neuropathologist or therapist, depending on the likely cause of hair loss. Based on consultations of narrow specialists and conducted analyzes, in addition to general treatment, the trichologist can prescribe a course of restorative procedures using ointments, lotions, balms and other. In severe cases, you can prescribe medications, physiotherapy, including darsonvalization. The latter procedure will improve the microcirculation of the scalp and will stimulate the growth of activity of hair follicles.

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