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HOW to suspend activities of the company

How to suspend activities of the company

The procedure for the suspension of the company by the current legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide.

At the same time, there are no sanctions in the case where it actually operates, provided that you have met the terms of delivery statements.

Another question that the maintenance of the company, existing only on paper - it expensive and in some cases, it is fraught with problems with government agencies.



The most complicated case - when the state company did notlimited its head and chief accountant (these posts according to the law and the right to combine one person, including the founder of the firm, including sole). The most expensive option of parting with employees of the organization - staff reduction. It is also possible compromise - the dismissal by agreement of the parties. Both these procedures are quite multifaceted, therefore deserve separate consideration.
These options are often practiced, as the forced termination "on their own", for alleged violations of labor discipline or unpaid leave for an indefinite period, are illegal.


From the first person and the chief accountant (both of themall rolled into one if the positions are combined) is also difficult. This position is firm exists on paper, should be closed. For example, when changing the general director of the general meeting of the founders (or sole founder) shall be duly formalized their decision not only dismissed the action, but also appoint a new one. Without this there will be amended accordingly in the Unified.
In practice, the first person company that plans to suspend activityIt sends on indefinite unpaid leaveby myself. Moment slippery, but it is unlikely that the director, who is also the chief accountant, who is also the sole founder (or one of them) will be submitted to the court on itself.


Even indefinite leave does not relieve the Directorfrom the duty to timely delivery of reports, even zero, and the responsibility for its failure. In practice, compliance with this formality often use the services of third-party organizations. But they are not free.


Another section of the company cost effectively to suspend activityIt becomes its legal address. The easiest way, if such is the home address of some of the founders (in some subjects of the Russian law allows), or other property owned by the founder of the right of ownership. In other situations have to spend at least a month on rent. Even if it is a symbolic payment (in some regions, especially the poorer, the prices of fictitious legal address - from 1000 rubles per month), the money is never superfluous. In addition, the use of fictitious legal address - a violation of law, the likelihood of which is to identify (and to apply appropriate sanctions) should not be discounted. So the question arises - whether is easier and cheaper to liquidate the company, as required by law and as necessary to establish a new one.

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