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How many years can you give birth


At what age is it optimal to give birth - a questionindividual. The nature of the female body is such that a girl can become pregnant before the onset of menstruation and even in the climacteric period. Ovulation can begin earlier than the first menstruation. It is not necessary to exclude the onset of ovulation and during menopause. But in addition to the readiness of the body for delivery, there are medical, social and other aspects that affect the decision to become a mother.

How many years can you give birth
Today, the standard of living has increased significantly, womenReceive sufficient food, take care of their health, there is no need to engage in heavy physical labor. The woman's organism perceives these conditions as favorable for the birth and upbringing of children. And in the absence of pathologies and abortions in the past, even after 30-35 years old, you can get pregnant without much effort and with the first attempt. The admission of hormonal contraceptives that block ovulation, also favorably affects the reproductive health of women. The stock of eggs remains for a long time, diseases that were previously considered to be age-related, are less common today because of the preventive action of hormonal contraceptives.

Optimal age for delivery

It is believed that the body of a woman is most ready forChildbirth from 20 to 28 years. The health of a young woman easily perceives the load, the muscles and ligamentous apparatus quickly restore the prenatal state, less often complications arise. In the process of cell division, mutations occur less often, the risk of giving birth to a child with genetic diseases is also quite low. But a woman at such a young age can be financially unstable or approaches pregnancy and childbirth not so seriously - these are the main disadvantages of childbirth for up to 30 years.

Childbirth in adolescence

Pregnancy, including coveted, amongMinors - not a rarity and a rarity has never been. Obstetricians do not recommend consciously to become pregnant before the age of 20, since the growth process in the body has not yet been completed by this time. Psychologically immature mother, who depends financially on her parents, can perceive the child as a hindrance. In the event that the pregnancy has already occurred, obstetricians will make every effort to persuade a woman to report the child, and in extreme cases to leave the child in the maternity hospital. The fact is that abortion at this age is much more dangerous than childbirth. The child is almost always born healthy, and for nine months problems with relatives come to naught, and the woman very rarely abandons the child.

Late childbirth

Late births are considered after 35-38 years. The risk of complications of pregnancy increases, the risk of fetal pathology is higher. The number of pregnant women at this age is constantly growing - social aging is being postponed, effective methods of maintaining health appear, and therefore 35-38 years for the future mother is an objective norm and reality. To reduce the risk of genetic pathologies allows competent planning of pregnancy. Conducting genetic tests and early diagnosis can identify possible defects and, if necessary, interrupt pregnancy in the early stages. Often women at this age give birth to the first child after infertility treatment, since even 10-15 years ago their diagnosis did not allow even to hope for the birth of a child.

IVF and hormonal stimulation

Hormonal stimulation of the ovaries allowsGet a ripe egg even in women after 45 years. Very rarely, the birth after 47 years is the result of natural intimate relationships. Usually, long-term medical training becomes necessary. Women in this period are susceptible to many diseases, including osteoporosis, and therefore, having decided on such a responsible step as pregnancy and childbirth, they must take care of their health in advance. Life expectancy is constantly growing and therefore the risks of not having time to raise a child are constantly decreasing.

Accidental pregnancy in 50 years

With the onset of menopause, the woman feelsMore free, as there is no need to protect yourself. However, ovulation can occur in 45, and in 47, and even in 53 years, although menstruation is no longer present. Often, a woman realizes that she is pregnant, despite her considerable age. Her children have already grown up, grandchildren have appeared and become a mother again - double stress. Since today many women and men have ceased to treat abortion as one of the methods of planning, pregnancy is preserved, and the woman again has the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood. The grown up children strongly support the mother and share with her the burden of responsibility. The child does not feel superfluous even in the event of early withdrawal of parents from life. The advantages of late childbirth are obvious: a stable financial position and a conscious approach to the upbringing of the child. Of the minuses, we can note a possible deterioration in the health of women and higher risks of the birth of a child with pathologies.

Extremely late delivery

Births at the age of 60 met before, but today theyHave ceased to be a rarity. At this step, single women are solved. However, it is worth remembering that health in 60 years already does not allow to take care of the child in full, the attitude towards the world changes, the risks of serious pathologies increase every year. Usually women at this age become mothers with the help of surrogate mothers, but naturally occur pregnancy. Even financial well-being is not a reason for motherhood in 60 years. Become a mom can only if there is support for loved ones and a real strong family. If the future mother is lonely - it is better to pay attention to adoption, custody and other forms of patronage.

Up to what age it is possible to give birth, depends onOf each case. Good health, sufficient material resources, a strong family and self-reliance are the main aspects that need to be based on the decision to become a mother at any age, especially in later life.

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