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To see this video in avi format

Program for viewing video in avi format

Avi - video format proposed by Microsoft back in 1992.

Currently avi is supported by most of the existing players and video players.


There are hundreds of players avi format. Some are multi-format, others support only one avi format. KMPlayer - a popular utility for viewing wmv file formats, flv, mp4, mpeg and avi. KMPlayer supports professional subtitles and high-definition video.
Another multi-format player,supports avi format is Windows Media Player (standard OS Windows). In general, Microsoft player copes well with its own format, but there are problems with playing "heavy" volume HD files. Also, users often complain about the "confusion" of tracks (the original and the translation) when watching movies avi format in Windows Media Player.
Player Free Avi Player only supportsavi format. But it takes up little space on the disk and economically dispose of RAM. This video is easily reviewed, movies and music videos are not "slow down." However, the simplicity of the player some users baffled - they complain about the functionality of a small and poorly thought-out design.


To convert from various formats to aviThere are specialized tools. One of the most popular - Shareware Movavi program. conversion speed is high, the number of input formats greater than 40. Also, the converter offers a rare (for similar utilities) function "Capture screen". The Movavi can also make professional subtitles.
Most of the existing MovieIt allows you to convert each input video format to another outlet, located in the library. In other words, avi is the same peer format is mkv, wmv or mpeg.
Movie Format Factory hasunfussy design, deterrent lovers "interfaces beauty." However, this free program is stunning functional (more than 25 input and output formats) and high speed operation. Moreover, in addition to transfer files to avi format, Format Factory can convert video into an animated image format gif.


For high-quality playback of avi-filesmay require special encoding utility - codecs. They are installed on top of the operating system and "come to the aid" only when it is really required. CCCP Codec Packs and K-Lite Pack let you watch the video in avi format without hassle.

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