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To read from adventure literature?

What to read from adventure literature?

What can be meant by a real, spectacularadventure novel? First of all, it's coming to the heroes of difficult and interesting way, ever-present in the novel intrigue (mystery), is revealed in the final unexpected outcome, charismatic participants of all actions and the general idea is implicit in the work.

Events which develops suddenly and defies prediction.

Usually, in the action adventure booksIt unfolds slowly, without any surprises. Until then, until everything is turned upside down and unimaginable prospects opening up before the characters, insoluble problems or imminent death. The most popular topic for adventure novels is the theme of space travel. The reader just by reading the genre of the novel, imagines unexplored planet, graceful and mysterious spaceships and boundless space. That is half the adventure is already available, the other half depends on the talent, the imagination and the literary art of the author of the novel.

The good old fantasy of the second half of the twentieth century
Surely many will be a revelation thatthe peak of popularity of this genre came in the fifties and the seventies of the last century, when humanity fell on the threshold of space exploration. In those golden years for this subject was written by a lot of works of science fiction space. But what a novel was written to the best canons of the adventure theme? Undoubtedly, one of the best works is a series of books by American writer Andre Norton called "Queen of the Sun". The popularity of this work acquired through the story, built around the personality of the young graduate's Space Academy Dane Thorson, before whom suddenly found themselves all the mysterious vastness of space.
It falls into society charismatic teamsmall spacecraft, and whose future success depends on their personal qualities and making the right decisions in risky situations. The piece is written in the spirit of the times sea adventures sailing fleet, carried into space. Monuments of ancient super-civilizations, unique planet with the local population and fauna, space pirates and more experiences a brave team on its eventful risky path.

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