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What to esteem from classics

Classical literature - the basis and foundation of any genre.

Initially, the term "classical" arisen in relation to the works of Greek authors: Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus. But were a century, and has become the classic literature of the Renaissance, 19th and 20th centuries.

There was a classic in its own fiction, fantasy and other relatively new genres.

These works have in common only one thing - they have stood the test of time, so - do not lose their relevance.

Despite such extensive content of the term,often from school for classical literature refers to a specific set of authors. Classical Russian literature of the 19th century really has had a huge impact on the whole reading world. But foreign classics is able to open a Russian reader truly new literary horizons.

American classics

Theodore Dreiser novel "An American Tragedy"It begins as usual "way up" the young man from a poor family, who wants at any cost to escape from poverty and take possession of all the attributes of a successful man. The young man hopes to help a wealthy relative, the owner of the plant in a small industrial town, but the thirst for money, beautiful life and love does not make the hero of his success through honest labor.
Lost in his own lies, he goes oncrime, one tragedy leads to another. Unbridled greed and the path to the good life in other people's heads do not lose their relevance many years after the publication of the popular novel.
With the American writer Jack London usuallyfamiliar as a child, reading his stories about animals, "White Fang," "Mike, my brother Jerry." However, the writer lived for such a bright, rich life events as the rest of his works are worthy of thoughtful reading. Together with London by his heroes went to the Bering Sea to beat seals, rose to the upper Yukon to stake goldfield, sweated in the hard work in the laundry room and sat in jail for vagrancy.
In London the famous novel "Martin Eden"It describes the spiritual awakening of a young sailor, which began under the influence of love for a girl from a wealthy bourgeois family. After overcoming many obstacles, the hero has become a famous writer, but success came to him too late - untimely tragedy, destroying the invaluable sincere, coherent nature.

English classics

The epic "The Forsyte Saga" by English writerJohn Galsworthy was awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize. Multi-volume novel describes the life of several generations of the Forsyte family bourgeois, her holidays, sorrows and daily activities. But in the foreground in Galsworthy - man with his feelings, the tragedies of unrequited love, a failed marriage. The relationship people have little change, at any time to meet the couple, where the husband-owner seeks to possess his wife as a thing, and the poor woman trying to find a way out of the trap, falling in love with another.
Archibald Cronin worked as a doctor in London whenillness forced him to leave for the duration of treatment in the village. There the author wrote his first work, "Hatter's Castle," for three months. The novel became a sensation, and the others followed him, "Citadel", "Early Years", "The Way of the Shannon." Novels Cronin distinguishes a good style of narration, subtle observation of the people and society, vivid images of the heroes.
In the famous novel "The Citadel" authordescribes the inner conflict of a young doctor who seeks to arrange his life with the help of wealthy clients, but at the same time can not ignore the social problems in medicine for the poor, disadvantaged people. Medical knowledge and experience in the science of Cronin allowed him to create a true world of real people who sympathize and empathize throughout the narrative.
Golden Foundation English classics, no doubt,make such novels as "Wuthering Heights" Emily Bronte's "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, "The Woman in White 'by Wilkie Collins. In the spirit of realism and frustration in the so-called philosophy of success written piercing novels of John Brain "The Way to the Top" and "Life at the top."

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