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To increase or decrease the pattern

To increase or decrease the pattern

If you finally found the long-awaited the pattern desired dresses, sundresses or other attire, but it turned out that it is not the size is right for you, do not worry.

Please use the old, simple and highly reliable way - increasing scale of the drawing or pattern using squares.



Take a sheet with a finished pattern. Raschertite it into squares of equal size. To pattern was more accurate, squares are drawn smaller.


On a blank sheet of paper, draw the same squares,but of greater magnitude. If you need to increase the size of the pattern twice, hence, increase the size of the squares in half. For example: on the first sheet squares with side 1 cm, while on the second sheet make squares 2 cm & nbsp-Copy the pattern from the first sheet to the second, as if passing all the lines of direction.. Cut out the pattern obtained.


If you need to increase the pattern sewingarticles, copy the desired & nbsp-pattern using the log & nbsp-check measurements:. waist, breasts, thighs, neck, back and shelves width, the length of the back. Compare measurements of finished and your patterns. & Nbsp- difference is the size of your of increases. & Nbsp-Ready (Paper) cut pattern on the respective lines to fit curves.


Then slide the part of the pattern to the desiredvalue. For example, & nbsp-you need to increase the width of the pattern pieces. For this & nbsp full-size-increasing share & nbsp-4 th equal parts (the right and left sides of the back and forehand).


And if you need to increase the amount of product on linethe chest and the waist line at 4 cm, the backrest parts and before expand by 1 cm (expand all the pattern of 1 cm from the waistline to the shoulder line). Adjust all lines. Get the pattern has a larger size. To fix the received CONNECT change the pattern for this paper. & Nbsp-bodice details lengthen the line, which is located between the chest and waist lines.


If you need to increase the armhole, the increase make the line, which is the figure applied to a dotted line. If you are going to change the pattern of the armhole, do not forget to change the pattern and sleeves.

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