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Grow spinach


Growing spinach</a>

Spinach is a cold-resistant one-year-old plant that is grown on greenery.

In food, young leaves of the plant are used. It should be noted that spinach is rare in the garden, and in vain!

It contains many vitamins, protein, iodine, which is very important for the thyroid gland. Iron contained in spinach is 60% absorbed by the human body.

In addition, its leaves contain potassium and oxalic acid.



The best time to grow spinach is spring andautumn. Optimal temperature for growing 15 °. Therefore, in the summer, when it becomes very warm, this plant will be fired. Sowing spinach is necessary in those places where after its harvesting it is possible to plant some basic culture. It is a good predecessor for many vegetable crops. The place should be chosen solar, but protected from winds. When grown in autumn, spinach can tolerate partial shading. The soil is suitable for loamy soil, fertilized with organic fertilizers. Spinach prefers moist soil, so you need to monitor its watering.


In the autumn planting, it is necessary to take into account the fact that afterTable beet, cabbage salad spinach is better not to plant to avoid the infection of diseases of these crops. Are suitable areas where the onions grew, early cucumbers, early potatoes, early cabbage, carrots. If organic fertilizers have already been applied to these vegetables, they are not required before sowing spinach. Very harmful to make nitrogen fertilizers, as spinach is able to accumulate nitrates in its leaves.


Care consists in weeding, timely watering, loosening of rows between rows. Technical ripeness of the plant occurs 20-25 days after emergence.


It is convenient to grow spinach in greenhouses,Intended for cultivation of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes. Sow the seeds in March. Before planting the main crops, you can get a good crop of spinach. This plant is suitable for growing in room conditions on the windowsill.

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