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How to go to court

How to go to court

In Russia, there is a perception that the appeal to the court is impossible without the assistance of professional lawyers. But this is not the case.

In the very process of going to court is no big deal, and the court can often solve many problems in a civilized way.

Try it, because you have nothing to lose.

Any citizen is able to protect their own rights.

You will need

  • 1. Code of Criminal Procedure and the Code of Civil Procedure (depending on the category your case) -
  • 2. The computer and printer (or several sheets of A4 paper and a pen).



Determine which court should contact yourproblem. If you are a natural person and file a claim to an individual, the court will be in the area where you are registered. If the claim is a legal entity, then your case will consider the court at the location of the legal entity. Also determine which court instance will take up your case. This may be the world court, the district court or the Federation. Categories of cases and their jurisdiction clearly defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Code of Civil Procedure.


Make a statement of claim. In it, you (the claimant) will be set free in the form of what you accuse your opponent (respondent), and you want to get away from it as a result of satisfaction of the claim. The application must contain:
1. The name of the court, which is presented isk-

2. Full name of the plaintiff and defendant, their place zhitelstva-

3. The essence of the claim (which you accuse the defendant) -

4. On what do you base your obvineniya-

5. Requirements otvetchiku-

6. The list of appendices to the statement of claim.

The statement of claim shall be made in three copies and signed by the claimant.


Make an application to the statement of claim. This may be your calculations (eg, child support payment) or evidence, expressed in writing.


Pay a state fee. On its size can be found in court or at the nearest branch of the Savings Bank, where they take taxes. There you will find a sample of the receipt on payment of state duty. Keep in mind that in some cases the state fee is not charged (for example, the labor dispute).


Fasten the claim and take it to courtor send by mail (registered mail with a list of attachments). If the application will take into consideration, you will be assigned the date of the hearing. If you do not accept, you will have to eliminate those shortcomings that you will tell the court.


Pre pobespokoytes of evidence. Collect them - is your duty. Evidence considered: your explanations, and explanations of the defendant, witnesses, written and physical evidence, expert testimony.

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