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For each kitchen - its own design!


According to the Russian tradition, the kitchen is the "heart of the house". Here, people prepare food and communicate. All sincere gatherings and cabbies usually take place in the kitchen. Therefore, today the design of the interior of any kitchen premise should combine such factors as multifunctionality, modernity, convenience in cooking, comfort, coziness and, of course, style.

Basics for creating a kitchen design

Planning and style play a big role whenCreating a new interior. Planning is the key to convenience and comfort in the kitchen. With the right and thoughtful placement of furniture, the dimensions of the kitchen are becoming less relevant and topical. The main rule for any design of the kitchen remains unchanged - the rule of the working triangle: storage-cutting-cooking. If this factor is taken into account, then all the rest will be successfully applied.

Although, if your kitchen resembles a small pencil box with a footage of not more than 6 square meters. Meters, whatever you come up with, the problem of lack of space will still be in the first place.

Having dealt with the layout, it is worth carefullyPick up and style direction, think through all the details and take into account all the nuances. Each kitchen is individual and therefore requires an original design. Especially this issue is especially important in recent years, when the run-up of the dimensions of kitchen facilities extends from "Khrushchev" and "brezhnevok" to modern spacious projects of the American type, where the kitchen is combined with a dining room or living room.

Kitchen design options

Having decided to start repairs in the kitchen,Or order a design project for the premise and kitchen unit. Moreover, now kitchen furniture can be bought under the order, and designers will fulfill any your whim.

Kitchen-dining room design

A spacious kitchen can be turned into aKitchen-dining room. Zoning room with arches, light mobile partitions, light racks or color. Furniture is best to choose for areas of contrasting tones. In this case, it is necessary to create a common harmonious style ensemble with a uniform or similar in color and decor decoration. Here, the kitchen is an exclusively working area, which should be less noticeable and elegant, unlike the dining room, which becomes the main zone of the room.

Kitchen-living room design

For a studio apartment, you can choose the right one clearlyReadable style. It should be guessed right away and be interesting enough, but not too intrusive. Excellent will look eco-style, ethno-style, high-tech, modern, classic. The main thing is to create a common space in one spirit, but clearly divided into zones.

Zones can be divided by finishing with different materials, a multilevel ceiling or floor, with the help of partitions, bar
Racks, etc.

Design of a small kitchen

Tiny kitchens of old buildings ("brezhnevki" and"Khrushchev") set a lot of problems to their owners. After all, at very small meters it is difficult to accommodate the whole family at the dinner table. Therefore, the main thing here is ergonomics and simplicity. The main thing to remember is that unnecessary decorative elements and variegated colors hide precious meters. Therefore, when creating a design project for a small kitchen, you need to pay attention to the layout and furniture. Furniture should be laconic and multifunctional. In this case, it is worth paying equal attention to both the working triangle and the dining area, trying to arrange them ergonomically.

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