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To disable sticky keys

How to disable the sticky keys

Sticky Keys - a special feature in the Windows operating system, designed for those users who have difficulty pressing multiple keys on the keyboard simultaneously.

This feature applies to the Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Windows key.

If you can easily cope with the introduction of any combination on the keyboard, you can simply turn off the sticky keys.



To turn the tool Sticky Keys,Login via "Start" menu in the "Control Panel". Click on the icon "Accessibility" left mouse button - a dialog box opens. In the classic display of the desired icon in Control Panel is available immediately while displaying panel by category, select the section titled - "Accessibility".


go to the "Keyboard" tab in the dialog box. In chapter "sticking keys ", located at the top of the window, uncheck the field marker is located opposite the inscription"sticking". Click "Apply" the new settings to take effect, close the window by pressing the OK button or the X icon in the upper right corner of the window.


If you do not want to completely turn off the vehicleSticky Keys, use another method. To remove stuck while working on the computer, press the Shift key five times. To use this combination, you have to mention it in the settings. To do this, call the special window of opportunity, as described in the previous steps, and on the "General" tab, click in the section "sticking"Button" Settings "and put a marker next to the appropriate item.


sticking It provided not only for the keyboard shortcuts, butand the mouse button. If you need further disable sticky mouse button, the menu "Start" go to "Control Panel". In the category 'Printers and Other Hardware "icon, select" Mouse "by clicking the left mouse button - to open the window" Mouse Properties ".


This tab "mouse buttons" dialog box, see "sticking mouse button "Remove from the field marker"Enable sticking 'located next to the line. For the new settings to take effect, click "Apply" button, close the dialog by pressing the OK button or by clicking the left mouse button on the icon X in the upper right corner of the window.

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