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How do I change the font links

How do I change the font links

Changing the display of links in htmlIt can be made with the use of cascading style css styles. They allow you to customize the display of text links, its color to a user clicking on it and then click the mouse works.

You can also change the font used by the font and its size.



To set the reference parameters used in the cssclasses and pseudo-classes. The pseudo-a: link sets the style for the normal link, a: visited makes it possible to customize the display already used links. A: active tag processing parameters & lt-a> with the cursor clicking on the item, and a: hover style sets the reference when you hover over it with the mouse. You can also create any class for the item itself, but in the settings to use the standard operators for text formatting.


To disable the display of the text is underlinedlinks in the browser uses the parameter text-decoration: none. You can specify this attribute in class, and pseudo-class for element & lt-a>. To change the color of links using color setting for size - standard font-size attribute. If you want to include a bold face font or italics, use font-weight option.


Open your html file using anytext editor, which you use to edit the page code. After that, go to the & lt-head> & lt- / head> of your document, and set the css code for future reference on the page using the descriptor & lt-style> & lt- / style>. For example:

& Lt-head>
& Lt-title> Links Change & lt- / title>
& Lt-style type = "text / css">
a: link {text-decoration: none-
font-size: 14px-
font-weight: bold-
color: red-}
& Lt- / style>
& Lt- / head>


In this code, be removed from the ordinarylinks underscore line, setting the text size to 14 pixels, the use of bold style font and red color of the item. Now, any reference in the tag & lt-a> will be displayed in this form.


You can set the style for each specific links using css classes. Thus, if the code in the tag & lt-style> & lt- / style> will look like:

a.link1 {font-size: 20px- color: black-}


You can set the size of 20 pixels and a black reference, using the class in the body of the document as follows:

& Lt-a href = "link path" class = "link1"> Link & lt- / a>

The example shows that the link has been assignedcreated a step back css class code by setting the class attribute references & lt-a>. Now, this link will be displayed in black and have a size of 20 pixels. correct css code section to change this attribute & lt- head> & lt- / head> of the page.


Changing the appearance of links is complete, you can save changes to a file and run it for viewing in a browser.

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