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How to add shadows in Photoshop


How to add shadows in Photoshop</a>

Sometimes it happens that the object inserted into the collage does not want to fit into it and looks like a flat picture, not a part of a realistic image.

And all because this object has no shadow.

However, this is not difficult to fix.

You will need

  • - program Photoshop-
  • Image for processing.



Open the image to the object on which you want to add a shadow in Photoshop using the Ctrl + O key combination or the Open command of the File menu.


Select the object that will cast the shadow. To do this, select the Polygonal Lasso tool from the Tools palette. Click the left mouse button on any point on the contour of the shape that casts the shadow. Drag the selection along the straight contour section and again click the left mouse button at the point where the contour curves. In this way, select the whole shape. Close the selection by clicking on the point from which you started to select the outline.


Create a new layer by clicking on the Create new buttonLayer ("Create a new layer"), which is located at the bottom of the Layers palette. The same result you get, using the command New ("New") in the menu Layer ("Layer").


Fill the selection with black color. To do this, select the Paint Bucket Tool from the Tools palette. Click on the colored square at the bottom of the Tools palette. In the opened panel select black color and click on the OK button. Left-click inside the selection. The resulting figure will serve as the basis for the shadow.


Remove from the shadow selection with the Deselect command from the Select menu.


Transform the shadow. To do this, use the Distort command from the Transform group of the Edit menu. Drag the corners of the frame around the shape with the mouse, position the shape in the projection in which the shadow of the selected object should be placed. Apply the transformation with the Enter key.


Apply the Gaussian Blur filter to the shadow layerGroup Blur menu Filter. The radius of the blur is set depending on the nature of the light in the image: a strong light source at a short distance from the subject will give a shadow with sharp edges and accordingly, the blur radius should be chosen smaller. Scattered light gives a rather blurry shadow. On average, to blur the shadow, there will be enough values ​​in two or three pixels. Click the OK button.


Change the blend mode of the shadow layer from Normal toMultiply. To do this, right-click on the shadow layer and select the Blending Options option from the shortcut menu. In the window that opens, select Multiply from the drop-down list.


Increase the transparency of the shadow layer. To do this, click the arrow to the right of the word Opacity in the layers palette and drag the knob to the left to a value of 50%.


If some parts of the shadow are superimposed on the object that the shadow should cast, delete them using the Eraser Tool.


Save the image using the Save or Save As command, which is located in the File menu.

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